EverTrue Product Updates: September 2023

9/14/23: Updating In-App Branding

You might have noticed small design changes make their way into the EverTrue app! Logo updates and color scheme adjustments are the result of our company's recent rebrand. The latest change made by our design team is applicable to those participating in Filters beta: filters paired back to our old EverTrue icon now showcase the new EverTrue pyramid.

Stay tuned as our design team continues implementing refreshed branding into both web and mobile app experiences!

9/14/23: Fixing EverTrue App Bugs

We released an additional bug fix to improve the EverTrue app experience:

  • If your organization utilizes our integration with Emma, you will find that the action of sending lists to Emma from EverTrue is working as expected.  

9/14/23: Fixing EverTrue Android App Bugs

We released additional bug fixes to improve the EverTrue Android app experience: 

  • When viewing a constituent profile, you now have the ability to swipe from one profile tab to the next. Ahead of this fix, you could only navigate to different profile tabs by clicking individual tab names.
  • When using the Email Me a Link sign in option, the access link sent to your email will log you in as expected. 

9/7/23: Adding the Donor Potential Score to Mobile

We are excited to share that our newly-released Donor Potential Score (DPS) is now available on EverTrue iOS and Android mobile apps! The DPS is a precise, always-fresh score to help you segment and prioritize your donors. This score can help with balancing portfolios, trip and event planning, designing donor relations strategies, and more.

You will find the DPS within constituent profile Summary tabs. 

Please note, scores will not populate for constituents who are non-donors or if your organization is not yet importing gift transaction data.

9/7/23: Enhancing the AI Profile Summary Feedback Experience

If your team is using our AI Profile Summary feature on either iOS or Android, you can now add context when sharing summary feedback in-app. To send more granular feedback on the AI summary provided, click the Helpful? button that appears next to a constituent profile's AI Summary section and select either Yes - Other or No

9/7/23: Fixing EverTrue iOS App Bugs

We recently released a bug fix to improve the EverTrue iOS app experience:

  • When using the Email Me a Link sign in option, the access link sent to your email will log you in as expected. 

9/6/23: Introducing EverTrue's AI Profile Summary for Android

Our AI Profile Summary feature is now available on Android mobile apps! If your team opts in to using this feature, you will find an AI Summary section appear within constituent profile Summary tabs. 

Summaries will include various elements of constituent data, such as noteworthy giving events and digital engagement callouts. Instead of spending time manually compiling this information before donor meetings, use the AI Summary to get a high-level overview of prospects in seconds!

If you're ready to start using EverTrue's AI Profile Summaries, touch base with your CSM. Questions about how AI is being used at EverTrue? We have an FAQ geared towards answering these! Lastly, take a look at our dedicated help article for more detailed information about this new feature

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at genius@evertrue.com.

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