EverTrue Product Updates: April 2023

4/28/23: Fixing Filters Beta Bugs

We released additional bug fixes to improve the experience of those participating in Filters Beta:

  • When using the search bar found at the top of a filter options dropdown paired back to  the does not equal operator, searching with specific characters (e.g. colons, brackets, etc.) will work as expected.
  • When selecting the Gender filter from the Demographics filter category, the corresponding filter options dropdown will populate with the correct values. 

4/17/23: Adding Pinned Comments to EverTrue's iOS App

Our recently-released EverTrue Pinned Comments feature is now accessible on mobile! A new Pinned Comments section can be found on the Summary tab of a constituent profile in the EverTrue iOS app.

Take a look at our detailed article to learn how to pin EverTrue Comments in your iOS app and use them to your advantage!

4/17/23: Fixing EverTrue iOS App Bugs

We released additional bug fixes to improve the EverTrue iOS app experience:

  • When adding solicitors to an interaction, a Choose Solicitor label will appear at the top of the selection screen.
  • When entering apostrophes in interactions and proposal forms, the characters will populate correctly. 
  • When reviewing meetings within your Activity tab, the meetings will appear in chronological order.
  • The app will open as expected when accessed from an EverTrue Comment or Saved Search notification email. 
  • You will be able to use the Logout button in your app's You tab as expected. 

4/17/23: Visualizing Character Counts in EverTrue's iOS App

Last month, we released character counts for specific proposal and interaction form fields if custom character limits differing from our defaults were implemented. Now, you will see those same character counts added beside these fields in their respective EverTrue iOS app forms!

4/17/23: Fixing Data Manager Bug

We released a bug fix to improve the EverTrue's Data Manager experience:

  • If cancelling a job after pre-processing completes, pre-processing stats and View Results links will be accessible for review. Ahead of this fix, these log details were not displayed. 

4/13/23: Adding the Reunion Year Group Filter to Filters Beta

Our product team introduced the much-loved Reunion Year Group filter to Filters beta! You can find this filter within the School filter category's Constituents group.

Use this filter to narrow down constituents of selected reunion groups, and combine it with other filters for advanced segmenting options! Please note this update is applicable to those participating in Filters Beta

4/13/23: Fixing Filters Beta Bugs

We released additional bug fixes to improve the experience of those participating in Filters Beta:

  • When using filters with an options dropdown, the respective dropdown will load options as expected and the count of selected options will display correctly.
  • We removed an instance of duplicate filters from the Wealth filter group.
  • Applying the Team filter from the Portfolio filter group will work as expected.
  • When using a filter with a date range option, you will only be able to click the date selection's Apply button when a valid date range is entered.

4/13/23: Removing Zillow Branding from Constituent Profiles

When navigating to a constituent profile's Enrichment tab, you will notice Zillow branding and the Zestimate field removed from the tab's Address section. The information populating to these portions of Address was no longer accurate, and branding was removed to ensure the insights visible in this section are correct!

4/13/23: Fixing EverTrue App Bugs

We released additional bug fixes to improve the EverTrue App experience:

  • If you are part of an organization that uses multi-factor authentication when logging into EverTrue, you will be able to log in as expected. 
  • Constituent files will import as expected, free from Java errors. 

4/4/23: Increasing Recently Used Count in Filters Beta

Our product team increased the number of filters found within the Recently Used section of the Filters dropdown in Filters beta. Previously, you could choose from three of your most-recently-accessed filters to add to your segmented search. Now, you can choose from five. This increase enhances quick and easy segmenting possibilities!

Please note this update is applicable to those participating in Filters Beta.

4/4/23: Updating Language in Filters Beta Option Dropdowns

If you are participating in our Filters beta testing group, you might have noticed a small change to the button language used in your filter option dropdowns. At the bottom of each option dropdown, you can click View All to show a dropdown view containing all filter options or View Selected to condense your view to only those options selected. Previously, these buttons were labeled as All and Selected

We made this change to add clarity to the function of these buttons and to make for more intuitive filtering!  

4/4/23: Adding Clarity to Dynamic List Email Alerts

When setting up alerts for a dynamic list, you will see additional language in the Email Alerts popup explaining what will happen if your dynamic list saw no new updates. This popup is accessible by opening a list from your Dynamic Lists tab, clicking Actions, and selecting Email Alerts.

This language was included to ensure you'll know exactly to expect when setting your alert frequency! Please note this update is applicable to those participating in Filters Beta.

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at genius@evertrue.com.

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