EverTrue Help


Getting Started

Watch this series of training videos we put together for new EverTrue users.

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Using EverTrue

Learn more about the EverTrue Platform and our additional products.

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Alumni Community

Manage and support your Alumni Community platform.

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Relationship Management

As a development officer, manage your portfolio, trips, and more within EverTrue.

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Online Giving

Deliver a donor-first online giving experience.

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Volunteer Management

Manage your volunteer program in EverTrue.

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Explore and monitor Facebook and LinkedIn data in EverTrue.

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Best Practices

Alumni Community

Let's give your alumni the best directory, networking, and mentorship experience.

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Alumni Relations

Tips, how-to's, and best practices for alumni and parent engagement

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Annual Giving

Tips and tricks to power your annual fund outreach and segmentation with EverTrue.

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Getting Started with EverTrue

Here are helpful ideas and best practices to get up and running with EverTrue.

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Gift Officers

Best practices for gift and development officers using EverTrue.

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Prospect Researchers

Best practices for finding new prospects and moving donors through the funnel.

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Volunteer Program Managers

Learn the best ways to use EverTrue to run your volunteer fundraising program.

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Learn about EverTrue best practices through customer and expert-led webinars.

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Data & Integrations

Data Resources

All things EverTrue data - formatting, delivery, and ingestion.

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Exporting Data from EverTrue

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EverTrue Third-Party Partnerships

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Platform Setup

Learn more about how to setup the components of your EverTrue Platform.

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Alumni Community Implementation

Everything you need to know to start building your Alumni Community.

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Our commitment to the security of your data and additional security features.

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