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EverTrue Basics

Using EverTrue

Learn more about the EverTrue Platform and our additional products.

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Relationship Management

As a development officer, manage your portfolio, trips, and more within EverTrue.

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Volunteer Management

Manage your volunteer program in EverTrue.

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Data & Integrations

Data Resources

All things EverTrue data - formatting, delivery, and ingestion.

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Data Sync

Integration between RE NXT & EverTrue. More integrations coming!

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Exporting Data from EverTrue

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EverTrue Third-Party Partnerships

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Platform Setup

Learn more about how to setup the components of your EverTrue Platform.

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Our commitment to the security of your data and additional security features.

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Techniques & Use Cases

Alumni Relations Playbook

Check out these tips and tricks for your work in Alumni Relations

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Relationship Management Playbook

Use this resource for maximizing the relationship management features in EverTrue.

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Annual Giving Playbook

Resources for your work in Annual Giving are linked here!

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Volunteer Management Guide

A guide for Volunteer Admin who manage volunteer programs at their institution.

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Use Cases

Our customers share examples of how they are using EverTrue features, read and learn!

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