EverTrue Product Updates: March 2023

3/31/23: Cancelling Imports at Any Step

When importing files in our Data Manager, you can now cancel a job at any step of the upload process. This removes this need to wait until pre-processing completes. You will find a Cancel button on the following pages:

  • File Upload (shown in the screenshot below)
  • Mapping
  • Pre-Processing

When clicking Cancel from any of these pages, you will be required to confirm the action to safeguard against an accidental cancellation.

3/30/23: Adding ThankView Engagement Metrics to Constituent Profile Engagement Tabs

Our product team rolled out the next phase of our continued enhancements to the integration between ThankView and EverTrue. In addition to the dropdown that was added to constituent profile Engagement tabs earlier this month, you will notice ThankView metrics added to the tab's Engagement Metrics dashboard. These metrics populate beneath the existing Facebook metrics that you are already familiar with!

For now, ThankView metrics will display dashes as our team continues making progress in their backend work that will allow the appropriate data to populate. If you have an integration established between ThankView and EverTrue, we have a couple of tips you can implement as we prepare for next steps:

  • Make sure your ThankView Donor IDs matches your EverTrue Remote IDs (i.e. Constituent IDs). Matching these IDs ensures data can flow from the ThankView platform into the EverTrue platform!
  • If you do not currently include Donor IDs in ThankView, make sure to add IDs matching your EverTrue Remote IDs. Without these data points, we won't be able to sync the corresponding information. 

We will be back with additional insights when metrics are viewable in this dashboard, sharing details about status states and how dashboard metrics are calculated!

3/29/23: Receiving Notifications for Shared Dynamic Lists

We recently included a notification element to the process of sharing dynamic lists. Now you will receive notifications if a dynamic list is shared with you! Additionally, you will be notified if your sharing permissions are modified, if access to a dynamic list is removed, and if a shared dynamic list is deleted. These notifications will all appear via your bell icon at the top of the EverTrue app!

Please note this update is applicable to those participating in Filters Beta.

3/29/23: Adding Constituents to Static Lists, Trips, and Pools from a Dynamic List

Our product team continues to enrich our Dynamic List feature by layering on new abilities. You can now add constituents from any of your dynamic lists to a static list, trip, or volunteer pool. To take this action, head to your Dynamic Lists tab and open one of your lists. Tick the checkbox next to the constituent(s) you would like to add, click the Actions button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, and select Add to list, trip, or pool. An Add to... popup will appear in which you will see tabs representing each add option, and can choose to add those selected to either an existing or a brand new list, trip or volunteer pool.

Please note this update is applicable to those participating in Filters Beta.

3/29/23: Configuring Solicitor Titles in Proposal Forms

You can now configure solicitor titles directly within a proposal form! When adding solicitors to a proposal form, you will notice a new Select a title dropdown found to the right of each solicitor name. Use this dropdown to apply the relevant title. 

3/29/23: Adding Ability to Clear Selected Dates  

You will find a newly added Clear button to certain date selection dropdowns in the EverTrue app. This feature will give you the option to quickly clear an applied date when needed. You can access this button in the following areas:

  • Interaction form custom fields that include that include date selection dropdowns.
  • Proposal form ask date dropdowns.
  • Proposal form custom fields that include date selection dropdowns.
  • Proposal form Date Created dropdown.
  • Filters with date selection dropdowns applied in Filters beta.

In the example below, you can see the option to Clear a selected date within a proposal form's Date Created dropdown.

3/29/23: Fixing Filters Beta Bugs

We released additional bug fixes to improve the experience of those participating in Filters Beta:

  • When applying filters to a dynamic list that has multiple pages of results, you will automatically be taken back to the first page of your newly-segmented results no matter the page number on which you began applying the additional filters.
  • You will notice improved loading times for your Filters beta dropdowns.
  • When applying filters from the Filters beta Name group, your search will segment as expected. 

 3/16/23: Adding a ThankView Engagement Dropdown to EverTrue

You will now notice the addition of a dropdown to constituent profile Engagement tabs! This feature is part of the work our product team is doing to enhance the integration between ThankView and EverTrue. If you have an integration between these two platforms, you will soon be able to dive into aggregated ThankView engagement data directly within EverTrue! 

More to come regarding this exciting new feature!

3/15/23: Fixing EverTrue App Bugs

We released several bug fixes to improve the EverTrue app experience:

  • IDs with special characters will be accepted by the Data Manager Importer.
  • When editing a team member in your setting's Manage Team tab, you will be able to scroll through the school divisions dropdown list as expected.
  • If exporting records from a dynamic list, your CSV file will export the current search segmentation applied to a list (applicable to those participating in Filters Beta).
  • When using the Gift Date filter, your search will segment as expected (applicable to those participating in Filters Beta).
  • When performing a segmented search using Filters beta, filter dropdowns will change width size to match width of filter options (applicable to those participating in Filters Beta).

3/14/23: Sharing Dynamic Lists in Filters Beta

Dynamic Lists just got better with the newly added ability to share your lists with colleagues! Use this feature to collaborate with your peers on a dynamic list and keep more members of your team clued into constituents meeting  the list's filter parameters. 

Check out our dedicated help article to learn how to start sharing your dynamic lists with teammates (applicable to those participating in Filters Beta)!

3/13/23: Introducing EverTrue Pinned Comments

You can now save important constituent details to their respective profiles using EverTrue Pinned Comments! This feature maximizes the ability to quickly share constituent information with your team and makes easy work of remembering specific details that will strengthen your prospect relationships. A new Pinned Comments section can be found on the Summary tab of a constituent profile.

Take a look at our detailed article to learn how to pin EverTrue Comments and use them to your advantage!

3/6/23: Visualizing Character Counts

If you request character limits that differ from our defaults for certain proposal and interaction form fields, you will now notice character counts added beneath these fields in their respective form. This count visualization will help you track just how close you are to reaching the limit for those specific fields. When you try to type beyond the established maximum, your character counter will turn red and indicate that you exceeded your limit.

3/6/23: Fixing EverTrue App Bugs

We released additional bug fixes to improve the EverTrue App experience:

  • When using the Gift Date filter in Filters beta, your segmented search will return the corresponding accurate, expected results (applicable to those participating in Filters Beta).
  • If exporting records from a bookmarked search, your CSV file will export as expected (applicable to those participating in Filters Beta).

3/2/23: Improved EverTrue iOS App Workflow

We just released an update to the EverTrue iOS app layout that will make prospecting from the road easier than ever! The most noteworthy layout changes you'll find are:

  • Navigation Bar - The EverTrue iOS app's navigation bar is now made up of a series of static tabs found at the bottom of your app's screen. These tabs house the same information previously found within a collapsable three-bar menu icon. 
  • Activity Tab - Designed to give quick access to the information you need while prospecting, an Activity tab was created to store InteractionsMeetings, and Trips data.

Take a look at our article detailing how to navigate your iOS app's new layout!

3/1/23: Updating ThankView Interactions in EverTrue

If you use EverTrue's ThankView integration, you will find several enhancements to the ThankView interactions populating within EverTrue! We recently added the following features:

  • An Expand Video dropdown that displays on a constituent's ThankView interactions within their Summary and Interactions tabs. Use this to access a playable thumbnail of the ThankView video! 
  • A hyperlinked See Reply button that appears beside these interaction, giving you quick indication that a constituent sent a reply to the ThankView.
  • Helpful video details, such as the date it was first watched and the number of views it has received.

Learn more in our help article about how this integration helps you review automatically-imported ThankView data without needing to leave EverTrue!

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at genius@evertrue.com.

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