Getting Started with Your ThankView Integration

Understanding ThankView and its Benefits

ThankView is a personalized video outreach tool with a mission to build long-lasting relationships with constituents through the videos sent on its platform. EverTrue and ThankView have teamed up to push your ThankView video messages and statuses directly into EverTrue!

When your ThankView account is synced with EverTrue, you will see ThankView data in the Interaction tab of your navigation bar. You can also utilize our interaction filters to find ThankView-related content, and can view this type of constituent outreach within individual constituent profile Interaction tabs. 

Enabling Your ThankView Integration

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or if you are interested in turning on the ThankView integration. We will prepare the system for your ThankView data by creating 13 new custom interaction fields. ThankView utilizes the interaction file format to display ThankView information. Once integrated, ThankView will send files to EverTrue daily.

Importing Your Interaction Files

One requirement of the ThankView integration is that you upload only incremental (delta) interaction imports. If you already import incremental files, then you are fine to proceed. If you upload Full files, you will need to adjust your imports to be standard incremental files. You may continue to import all interactions from your system, but the file must not be processed as a Full (which is currently indicated manually or via the file name example.interactions.full.csv). Since you will be losing the ability to delete interactions using our implicit Full import option, you must explicitly mark interactions for deletion using a Yes flag in your file. This flag should be mapped to the IsDeleted? field in the mapping screen.

Writing Interactions in EverTrue?

If you are a customer who is writing interactions directly in the EverTrue app, we will make sure that the new interaction custom fields related to ThankView do not show on your Add Interaction form However, your interaction export format will be adjusted to include these new custom fields. Your export will have 13 additional columns included, ordered alphabetically by custom field name. If this will break a script that you have running, coordinate with the EverTrue team to make this transition as seamless as possible.

Delivering Interactions from ThankView

When the integration process is complete, your ThankView interactions will be delivered to EverTrue daily via SFTP. If you are using Data Manager, you will have access to these files within that platform. If you are using Console, files will instead be accessible within that platform. ThankView will not have access to your institution's SFTP account, and will use a separate account instead.

Mapping Custom Field from ThankView to EverTrue

Many of the fields we receive from the ThankView files will go into existing EverTrue fields (for example, ThankView Author Name will go straight into our Author Name field). For the other information, we will create 13 custom field locations:

  • ThankView - Campaign (string)
  • ThankView - Campaign Type (string)
  • ThankView - Opened (yes/no)
  • ThankView - Opened Date (date)
  • ThankView - Clicked (yes/no)
  • ThankView - Started (yes/no)
  • ThankView - Watched 50% (yes/no)
  • ThankView - Completed (yes/no)
  • ThankView - CTA Clicked (yes/no)
  • ThankView - Views (number)
  • ThankView - Downloads (number)
  • ThankView - Shares (number)
  • ThankView - Reply (string)

Using Your ThankView Integration

Now that you've integrated ThankView and EverTrue, let's explore how to use this connection to your advantage! This integration makes easy work of reviewing automatically-imported ThankView data directly in EverTrue. You will now be able to do things like watch ThankView videos from within your interaction feeds and quickly see when a ThankView received a reply. 

Viewing Your ThankView Interactions within an Interaction Feed

When your ThankView interactions begin delivering to EverTrue daily, you can view them wherever you find a feed of constituent interactions: 

  • The Recent Interaction feed in a constituent profile's Summary tab.
  • The Interactions tab of a constituent profile.
  • The Interactions tab of your left-hand navigation bar. 

When looking at an integrated ThankView interaction within the Interactions tab of a constituent profile, you will see a preview of the message received by the constituent paired back to an Expand Video button. Other details are also included, such as indication of when the video was sent, first watched, and the number of times it's been viewed. Please note this view count does not include plays that occur inside the EverTrue app. Additionally, you will find a hyperlinked See Reply button if the ThankView received a response from the constituent. 

If you click Expand Video, a playable thumbnail of the ThankView appears. Within this thumbnail, you will find options to expand or download the video and adjust video playback speed.

Theses features allow you to easily watch the video your constituent received and see their reply (if one was sent) without needing to leave EverTrue!

Understanding Your ThankView Interaction's Detailed View

To see more information about these ThankView interactions, click into the interaction itself to access its detailed view. Here you will find the full text of the message the constituent received with their ThankView followed by the playable thumbnail. If an external link was added to the message (e.g. your organization's website, a link to donate, etc.), it will appear as a hyperlink.

When applicable, you will find a constituent's response to a ThankView sent to them in the bottom half of this view. This will include a playable thumbnail of their video reply or the full text of their written reply depending on what was sent in response 

The Additional Details section found on the right-hand side of the interaction's detailed view houses information pulled from the 13 custom interaction fields created during your ThankView integration.

Please note ThankView interactions imported via your integration before March 2023 might have a different look than what is outlined above. Our team is working to modify any retroactive interactions to ensure they match future interactions pulled into EverTrue through this integration. 

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at

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