Using Your ThankView Integration

Your ThankView integration makes easy work of reviewing automatically-imported ThankView data directly in EverTrue, enabling you to identify and connect with prospects more effectively! Data can be accessed from several locations within the platform:

  • The Engagement tab of a constituent profile
  • The Recent Interaction feed of a constituent profile’s Summary tab
  • The Interactions tab of a constituent profile
  • The Interactions tab of your left-hand navigation bar

Below, we’ll explore how to review both ThankView engagement metrics and ThankView interactions in EverTrue constituent profiles. Let’s get started! 

  • Note: To ensure seamless data flow from the ThankView platform into the EverTrue platform, make sure your ThankView Donor IDs match your EverTrue Remote Ids (i.e., Constituent IDs.). If you do not currently include Donor IDs in ThankView, begin adding IDs that match your EverTrue Remote IDs. You can even set this field as required for your ThankView portal!  

Reviewing ThankView Engagement Metrics

With our integration, you can analyze both individual and cumulative ThankView campaign engagement directly within constituent profiles. For constituents who have interacted with campaigns, you’ll have access to an engagement feed and metrics such as the number of ThankViews they’ve viewed, shared, and more!

Let’s take a closer look at the profile of a constituent who has engaged with a ThankView! 

  • Note: If you have trouble locating a profile with engagement metrics, we recommend using filters to narrow down your constituent base to those who have received a ThankView campaign. This ensures you hone in on prospects who may have interacted with the campaigns they received. To do this, filter by Interaction Type > ThankView - Video in either your Constituents or Interactions tab. 

Step 1. Open a Constituent’s Engagement Tab

To view ThankView engagements linked to a specific constituent, open a constituent profile and click into the Engagement tab.

Step 2. Select the ThankView Engagement Dropdown

In the upper-right corner of the Engagement feed, you’ll find a dropdown that can be used to change the type of engagement shown on this tab. Click this and select ThankView from the list of engagement options.

Step 3. Review the Constituent’s ThankView Engagement Feed

Your feed will update to display the total number of ThankView video interactions with which the constituent engaged, sorted by engagement date. Each interaction listed will detail the type of engagement that took place followed by the date the video was sent. Possible engagement types include:

  • Clicked: The landing page link in the video’s email was clicked.  
  • Viewed: More than 0% of the video was viewed.
  • Completed: The video was watched to completion.
  • Replied To: The video received a reply.
  • Shared: The video was shared.
  • CTA Clicked: The video’s Call to Action button was clicked (if applicable).
  • Watched: More than 50% of the video was watched.

  • Note: If the constituent has not engaged with a ThankView video, or if your organization does not have the ThankView integration enabled, a message of “No ThankView Engagements Found” will be visible in the feed. If you see this message but expect to see data populating in the feed, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

When the engagement’s campaign title is displayed in green text, you can click on it to navigate to the video interaction’s detailed view.  

Step 4. Review the Constituent’s Cumulative ThankView Engagement Metrics

On the right-hand side of the Engagement tab, you’ll find an Engagement Metrics dashboard. Look to the dashboard’s ThankView Videos section to see the constituent’s cumulative ThankView engagement data. This includes the following metrics: 

  • ThankViews Sent: The total number of ThankViews sent to the constituent, excluding bounced and unsubscribed sends.
  • ThankViews Replied To: The total number of ThankViews that received first replies from the constituent.  
  • ThankViews Shared: The total number of ThankViews shared by the constituent. 
  • ThankViews Viewed: The total number of ThankViews viewed more than 0% by the constituent, including videos watched to completion. If greater than 1, this metric also includes a percentage representing how many sent videos were viewed.  
  • ThankViews Completed: The total number of ThankViews viewed more than 50% by the constituent. If greater than 1, this metric also includes a percentage representing how many viewed videos were completed. 
  • CTA Interactions: The total number of ThankView Call to Action buttons clicked by the constituent. If greater than 1, this metric also includes a percentage representing how many viewed videos received CTA clicks. 

  • Note: Each metric represents the number of unique engagements the constituent has made with your ThankView videos. For example, if a constituent sends multiple replies to the same video, it will count as one engagement.

In the screenshot below, you can see how percentages appear to the right of the ThankViews Viewed, ThankViews Completed, and CTA Interactions metrics.  


Reviewing ThankView Interactions

When your ThankView interactions begin delivering to EverTrue daily, you can view them within the platform wherever a feed of constituent interactions is available. Below, we’ll explore how to find and review these interactions from a constituent profile’s Interactions tab. Let’s dive in! 

Step 1. Open a Constituent’s Interactions Tab

To view ThankView interactions linked to a specific constituent, open a constituent profile and click into the Interactions tab.

Step 2. Filter to ThankView Interactions

In the top-left corner of the Interactions feed, you’ll find a Filters button that can be used to narrow down interactions by date, type, author, and keyword. Click this button and select the Interaction Type dropdown. Use the search bar or scroll to find and select the ThankView - Video option. Click Apply Filters to finish! 

Step 3. Review an Interaction 

Each ThankView interaction includes a preview of the message received by the constituent, along with an Expand Video button (which we’ll cover next!). Other details are also visible, such as the date the video was sent, the date it was first watched, and the number of times it has been viewed. Additionally, if the ThankView received a response from the constituent, you will see a hyperlinked See Reply button.

  • Note: The view count does not include plays that occur inside the EverTrue app.

Step 4. Click Expand Video

Click the Expand Video button to reveal a playable thumbnail of the ThankView. Within this thumbnail, you will find options to expand or download the video and adjust the video playback speed. These features allow you to easily watch the video your constituent received and view their reply (if one was sent) without needing to leave EverTrue! 

Step 5. Access an Interaction’s Detailed View

To see more information about these ThankView interactions, click on an interaction to access its detailed view. Here you will find the full text of the message the constituent received with their ThankView, followed by a playable thumbnail. If an external link was added to the message (e.g., your organization’s website, a link to donate, etc.), it will appear as a hyperlink. 

If a constituent sent a video response to the ThankView, you will find a ThankView - Video Reply section in the bottom half of this view. This section will include a playable thumbnail of their video reply.

An Additional Details section can be found on the right-hand side of the interaction’s detailed view. This section houses information pulled from the 13 custom interaction fields created during your ThankView integration.

If a constituent sent a written reply to the ThankView, you will find a Replied field in this section with the full text of their response. 

  • Note: If you don't see information populate in the Additional Details section but expect to, please reach out to EverTrue Support at; the team will take a look at your custom interaction fields to ensure they are properly formatted.

For any other questions, reach out to EverTrue Support at

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