EverTrue Product Updates: February 2023

2/28/23: Setting "If/Then" Logic for Proposal Fields

We added the ability to implement "if/then" logic for your Ask Date and Ask Amount proposal fields. If you input an ask date or amount after requesting this logic, the corresponding date or amount field will be marked as required. This update ensures that important information routed back into your CRM is not missed.

Below, you can see an example of a proposal form that does not use "if/then" logic for its Original Ask field.

In contrast, take a look at a form that includes this logic for its Original Ask proposal field. As you can see, the two fields will be visually connected when "if/then" logic is applied.

If your team is interested in incorporating this logic, let your CSM know or reach out to EverTrue Support at genius@evertrue.com!

2/15/23: Fixing EverTrue App Bugs

We released several bug fixes to improve the EverTrue App experience:

  • When sorting by Last Contact Date in your Portfolios tab, prospects will appear in the correct order.
  • When exporting dynamic lists, or filtered and bookmarked searches, Wealth and Assets, Assigned To, and Career Moves filter data will be included in your export file (applicable to those participating in Filters Beta).
  • When entering interactions within a meeting details module, you will be able to save your interactions.
  • If you have data visible in your Portfolios tab, this data will appear in your Full RM Assignments exports.

2/3/23: Adding RM Assignment Fields in Data Manager

Two new Relationship Management Assignment fields are now available to add in the Data Manager importer:

  1. Prospect Assignment Date
  2. Primary Unit

You will use these fields if you are participating in the EverTrue Insights beta testing group. They will import additional data that will appear in your Insights dashboards.

2/1/23: Ability to Set Required Fields on Interactions

You can now set additional required fields on interactions and proposals. Customizing which fields you would like to set as required ensures your team fills out critical information that is sent back to your CRM, eliminating the need for manual cleanup work! Take a look at our help article breaking down your interaction form fields, including those that are automatically set as required. We have a similar article breaking down your proposal form fields.

If you would like to mark more fields as required by your team, let our EverTrue Support Team know at genius@evertrue.com know! Once set, you will see a REQUIRED label appear next to the field within the form.

2/1/23: Setting Character Limits for Interactions and Proposal Fields

We added the ability to request lower character limits for certain fields in your in-app interaction and proposal forms. The following fields have default character limits that can be adjusted:

  • Interaction Summary - default of 65,534 character limit.
  • Interaction Description - default of 4,294,967,294 character limit.
  • Proposal Title - default of 190 character limit.
  • Proposal Description - default of 65,534 character limit.

Requesting a change in character limits can be used to build consistency between your EverTrue data and the data found in your chosen CRM. If you would like to adjust the defaults for these fields to lower limits, connect with our EverTrue Support Team at genius@evertrue.com!

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at genius@evertrue.com.

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