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What is the Donor Potential Score?

EverTrue's Donor Potential Score (DPS) is a rating that gauges the strength of a constituent's giving history, providing an easy-to-use tool to identify your best donors. If you've been an EverTrue user for some time, think of the DPS as our next-generation offering of the EverTrue Index. The new score includes the following enhancements:

  • A more intuitive rating system! Constituents will be scored a number between 1-100, making it easier to pinpoint your highest potential prospects. Our rule of thumb? The higher the Donor Potential Score, the better!
  • An increase in the amount of data used to determine ratings. The DPS is calculated using gift transaction information, recency, frequency, lifetime giving, total giving, and several other data points.
  • Scores that are updated daily! Every night, Donor Potential Scores are refreshed so they keep pace with the gift activity of your constituents.

Below we will review how to use the DPS in EverTrue, covering things like filtering on the score and viewing the score in constituent profiles. Let's dive in so you can begin pinpointing your highest-scoring constituents! 

Using the Donor Potential Score 

Filtering on the Donor Potential Score

You can use filters to segment for constituents meeting a specified DPS range. To do so, head to your Constituents tab in the left-hand navigation bar. Click Filters and type Donor Potential Score into the filter dropdown. You can also scroll to the Giving History category to find and select this filter! Once selected, enter a range between 0 and 100 and either layer additional filters onto your search or click Apply Filters to see results.

The Donor Potential Score will be viewable within its own column on the Constituents table. This can be seen no matter if you apply the DPS filter or not. Just be sure to customize your table columns to include the score! The column can be sorted by ascending and descending order, so you can organize constituents by highest (or lowest!) DPS.

The Donor Potential Score filter supports prospect research and portfolio building processes. If you are in a fundraising role, use the filter to your prospecting advantage! 

  • Cultivate and retain relationships with high-value donors who have scores near the top of the DPS range.   
  • Build strategies to improve engagement and giving from non-donors and low-value donors by identifying those without a score or those with low scores. To return a comprehensive list of constituents without a DPS, enter a range of 0 to 0 when applying the filter. 
  • Because the DPS score is updated nightly, create a saved search of your applied filters so you can quickly run the same segmentation whenever you'd like! You can also add segmented constituents to lists or use results to build future trips and meetings. 

Exporting the Donor Potential Score

You can export Donor Potential Score data from the following locations in EverTrue:

  • Your Constituents tab. 
  • An individual list selected from your Lists tab.
  • An individual saved search selected from your Saved Searches tab.

To export DPS data from one of these locations, click the Actions button found in the page's top-right corner and select the option to export. An Export Fields pop-up will appear in which you can click Scores from the Categories column and Donor Potential Score (DPS) from the Field Groups column. If you'd like other categories and field groups to be part of your export, select those before clicking Start Export.

Once your export is complete and ready to be viewed, you will find DPS data beneath the export column header DonorPotentialScore.

Viewing the Donor Potential Score in a Constituent Profile

The DPS is viewable within two tabs of a constituent profile. The first place you can find a constituent's score is in their profile's Summary tab, beneath the Donor Potential Score section. 

 Additionally, the DPS can be found near the middle of a constituent's Enrichment tab.

For some constituents, you might not see a score populate within their Donor Potential Score sections. In these cases, scores are not displayed for the following reasons:

  • Gift transaction data is not being imported by your organization. Once gift transaction data is uploaded, scores will populate into the platform after approximately 48 hours. They will then generate nightly for constituents who have made a donation. 
  • The constituent is a non-donor.

When encountering a constituent without a DPS, you will see a line of "No gift transaction data available for this constituent" appear in lieu of a score.

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