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What are Constituent Profiles?

Get to know the EverTrue Constituent Profile! This will be your home base for all things constituent insights and data. We've recently made some changes to the layout, but this article will help you get acclimated quickly. The most noteworthy changes are:

  • Tabs - The Constituent Profile is now broken into tabs and is no longer scrollable. Click into each section to find what you're looking for. Details on what each section contains can be found below. 
  • Social Icons - Social icons, which were previously in the profile header next to the constituent name, have been moved to the Summary section of the profile.

EverTrue's Constituent Profile first starts with the constituent header. Here you'll find a constituent's:

  • Profile Picture
  • Constituent Name
  • Constituency & Class Year (if relevant)
  • Contact Button - Quick access to contact the constituent.
  • Actions Menu - Includes the option to quickly take actions like adding the constituent to a trip or a list.

The profile is then broken down into several tabs, helping you easily navigate and discover what you're looking for. 

Summary Tab

The Summary tab of a profile provides an overview of the constituent and includes the following sections: 

  • Snapshot of Giving and Facebook Data - Lifetime giving, last gift, assignment, and Facebook reaction information.  
  • Recent Interactions - Summary of latest interaction type, date, and solicitor.
  • Capacity Indicators - Constituent's capacity score.
  • Donor Potential Score - Score rating the strength of the constituent's giving history.
  • Pinned Comments - Important details and "need-to-knows" about the constituent.
  • Memberships - Lists, trips, teams and pools in which the constituent is a member.
  • Recent Proposal (if applicable) - Summary of proposal title, ask amount, and stage.
  • My Top Fields - Displays a user-customized selection of up to 5 of the constituent's most helpful or applicable fields. 

EverTrue gives users the ability to customize the My Top Fields section on each constituent's profile. The fields displayed here will vary by user. To set up and/or edit your fields, click Customize in the upper-right corner.

Within the Customize Top Fields pop-up, you will see a list of all available fields for selection. To add a field, simply drag it from the left side under Available and drop it on the right side under Active. You can use the search bar at the top of the pop-up to narrow down your Available fields. If you already have 5 active top fields, you will not be able to drag and drop other fields until you remove at least one.

To remove a field, you can either drag and drop it from the right side to left or select the X icon to the right of the active field. Remember to hit Save Top Fields for your changes to be applied.

Constituent Info Tab

The Constituent Info tab of a profile provides biographical and donor insights and includes the following sections:

  • Bio - Career and education history, and constituent contact information.
  • Donor Info - Solicitor information (if assigned) and constituent's top fields.
  • Relationships - Displays relationship types linked to the constituent, including family members, friends, acquaintances, etc.

Enrichment Tab

The Enrichment tab of a profile showcases information sourced solely by EverTrue that is matched with third-party insights. It includes the following sections:

  • Summary - Constituent's name, locations, and noteworthy events.
  • Professional - Current and previous employment insights.
  • Social Media - Links to social handles.
  • Personal Interests - Breakdown of constituent's personal affinities.
  • Wealth and Assets - Household net worth, physical assets, and wealth indicators.
  • Donor Potential Score - Score rating the strength of the constituent's giving history.
  • Addresses - Snapshot of constituent-associated addresses, neighborhood median home values, and median incomes.
  • Philanthropic Interest - Breakdown of constituent's philanthropic affinities.

Engagement Tab

The Engagement tab of a profile provides insights and metrics related to Facebook, event, and community engagements. Here you'll find a constituent's: 

  • Facebook Data - Feed of constituent's posts, reactions, and comments that can be filtered by engagement type, date, and more.
  • Engagement Metrics - Numbers associated with Facebook and EverTrue Volunteers engagement.

Giving Tab

The Giving tab of a profile showcases both summarized and transactional giving history imported into EverTrue from your institution's database. It includes the following sections:

  • Giving History - Snapshot into constituent's last gift, largest gift, lifetime giving, and pledge balance paired back to year-over-year giving insights.
  • Gift Transactions (if applicable) - Breakdown of recent gift amounts and recipients.

If your organization is importing categorized giving data, you will be able to select your different giving categories via the dropdown above Pledge Balance. All displayed giving fields will apply to the selected giving category.

Interactions Tab

The Interactions tab of a profile shows you a feed of all interactions (both imported and written in EverTrue, if applicable), as well as EverTrue Comments. You can filter these interactions, order them by the date of engagement, and add new interactions in this section. 

Proposals Tab

The Proposals tab of a profile is only available with EverTrue's Frontline offering. If your institution is bringing over proposal data, this section will show a table of both active and inactive proposals on the constituent. 

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at

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