Updating a Contact (Web)

Suggesting a Contact Update

Need to update the contact info of one of your prospects? When you look up a constituent in EverTrue, you now have the ability to suggest an update or change directly from their profile. Additionally, you can suggest a contact update from your Trips & Meetings tab! In both locations, you will be prompted to enter the new information as well as details about the update. 

Once your suggested update is submitted, your designated data administrator will be tasked with reviewing the suggestion. Because of this, you will not see the update immediately in EverTrue. If they decide to approve a suggestion, they will make the contact info change in your database and import the new data to EverTrue. Once imported, the new contact information will display on the constituent's record. At this time, there are no notifications when changes have been approved and implemented in EverTrue so you'll want to reach out to your data administrator if you have questions about the status of an update.

Using a Constituent Profile

You'll start by navigating to the constituent profile you would like to update. There are several places to begin a suggested update within a profile, but the primary locations are: 

  • Under the Constituent Info tab within the Primary Contact Info section. 
  • The Actions dropdown menu.

Click Suggest Contact Update within either of these sections to open the suggestion window where you can submit information to any of the four categories: PhoneEmailAddress and Misc.

If suggesting an update to the Phone, Email, or Address sections, you have three action options.

  • Add New: Use this to add a new set of data, like an additional phone number.
  • Edit: Use this for tweaking an existing set of data, like a typo in an address.
  • Retire: Use this for removing a set completely, like an out-of-date email.

If suggesting an update to the Misc. section, you have space to note the type of contact information in need of updating (e.g., education, career, solicitation preferences).

Please note that you are required to provide additional information about the reason for your update upon choosing your contact category and entering your suggestion. Hit Save to automatically submit your suggestion to your data administrator.

Looking for steps on updating a contact via your iOS app? Find the steps in our mobile guide here

Using the Trips & Meetings Tab

To suggest a contact update within your Trips & Meetings tab, head on over to the tab from your left-hand navigation menu and open the trip with the contact in need of editing. Within the Trip List section, click Info under the relevant constituent to view a pop-up containing their contact information. Scroll to the bottom of the pop-up box and click Suggest Contact Update to begin the suggestion process.

Once the Contact Update pop-up box appears, follow the same steps outlined for suggesting an update using a constituent profile!  

Reviewing Suggested Contact Updates (Data Administrators)

All incoming suggested contact updates from your EverTrue users will be located in data.evertrue.com under Review Contact Updates. As the data administrator for your institution, you are responsible for approving or rejecting those submissions and getting them back into your database. Our goal at EverTrue is to make your job as easy as possible. Let's take this process out of emails and spreadsheets like you might be using today and modernize it!

It is important to note that updates are not automatically approved and reflected in EverTrue. All updates must go through a review process and first make it back to your database before going live in EverTrue. 

As the data administrator, you will take the following steps to review contact update suggestions.

  • Go to data.evertrue.com > Review Contact Updates to review, approve or reject, and export any incoming updates. You will only have access to this site if you have been given permissions as a data administrator.
  • On the left side of the page is a feed of all incoming updates. Here you'll find the name of the constituent whose profile was updated, the update type and date, who submitted the update, and the update source. 
  • By clicking on an update, you will see the details of the submission in the right-side panel, including the constituent's name, constituency type, class year (if available), the update type, the option to Reject or Approve the update, the updated data suggestion, and the additional information a user is required to enter with their update.

  • Click through each update to review the submission and either approve or reject it. 

If you'd like to bulk approve or reject updates, you have the option to do so using the checkbox next to each update submission.

  • Click the checkbox next to the submissions you would like to take action on.
  • Use the Options button at the top of the incoming updates feed to approve or reject in bulk. 

Once you have gone through all of the submissions you would like to take action on, you'll then export those approved submissions so you can update your database accordingly. More information on the export format and process can be found here

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at genius@evertrue.com.

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