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How is AI being used at EverTrue?

EverTrue is leveraging the power of AI to revolutionize the donor experience, making life easier for everyone in the advancement office. We can’t wait to share what we have in store!

As we fulfill the goals of our product roadmap over the coming months, you can expect to see several AI-derived tools that will help you optimize every donor’s experience. Our first AI feature, which is available now on desktop, iOS, and Android devices, is called the AI Profile Summary.

What is EverTrue’s AI Profile Summary?

Fundraisers and their advancement colleagues must keep up-to-date on the latest developments with each donor and prospect to be prepared for donor visits, strategy meetings, fundraising events, and more. Reading all of the information in a constituent’s record is time-consuming, and summarizing it can be a labor-intensive task for prospect researchers whose expertise could be put to better use. With the new AI Profile Summary, EverTrue users can generate a summary of a constituent’s interactions, relationships, giving history, and more in a matter of seconds, making it possible to prepare for your next meeting on the go.

How does the AI Profile Summary work?

The AI Profile Summary quickly consumes all of the data contained in the constituent’s record in EverTrue and uses a large language model (LLM) to distill that data into a brief paragraph or two. The entire process is as simple as looking up the constituent record on your mobile phone or desktop app. In about 15-30 seconds, a summary of the constituent’s relationship will appear in plain, readable language at the top of their profile's Summary tab.

Where can I access the AI Profile Summary?

Our profile summaries are currently available through desktop as well as mobile devices that run off of iOS or Android.

What type of data does this feature summarize?

AI Profile Summaries are based on data sent to EverTrue from your CRM, and they prioritize that data as follows:

  • First comes the information related to the constituent's most recent interactions, with continued iterations to ensure we highlight the most substantive/relevant interactions.
  • The next priority is information about giving, for institutions that have provided this data. This information includes things like overall giving history, pledges made, giving designations, and capacity ratings.
  • Next comes biographic information, including constituents' relationships (e.g. spouse, children, etc.) and degree information (e.g. year, degree type, college/program, etc.).
  • Finally, the summary looks at details such as career history and events attended by the constituent.

Information must be sent to EverTrue to be included in the AI Profile Summary, so customers with a limited data share may not receive summaries that are as complete as they could be.

How does EverTrue protect our institutional data?

We understand that our customers take data security very seriously, and we do too. That’s why EverTrue takes protective measures to keep your data safe. Unlike the type of generative AI tool you might use in your computer’s browser, our AI tool uses an API to connect directly with a large language model (LLM) that “reads” the constituent data. Standard generative AI tools that are accessible through browsers routinely retain information users provide so they can then use that information to improve their models. However, using the API rather than an interface prevents the LLM from using customer information to train the model, so you don’t have to worry that your private data will be accessible to the public.

One of the advantages of using OpenAI’s API calls as EverTrue does is that none of the data submitted will be used to train or improve their models. Data submitted via their API is retained by OpenAI for abuse and misuse purposes only, and the data will be held for a maximum of 30 days. Per OpenAI’s policies, access to this data is limited to authorized employees that require it for engineering support or investigating potential platform abuse and legal compliance. Some specialized third-party contractors bound by confidentiality and security obligations may have access solely to review for abuse and misuse.

How up-to-date are the AI profile summaries in EverTrue?

Put simply, the AI Profile Summary is as up-to-date as the data you send to EverTrue. This means that for our customers who employ a nightly data sync, the profile summary should be accurate as of yesterday. It’s important to understand, however, that the profile summaries are only as comprehensive and accurate as the information you’re sending to EverTrue. So if you’ve been meaning to extend your data share or implement a nightly data sync, there is no better time to do that than right now!

My university currently restricts the use of AI. Can we turn off this feature?

We know that some institutions have policies against the use of AI. Because of this, we have disabled the AI Profile Summary feature for all customers until they proactively request that it be “turned on.” So you need not worry about any compliance concerns—unless and until you have asked us to make AI Profile Summaries available, your data is not being read by the LLM sub-processor.

We are proud of this feature and the way it is saving our customers time and hassle. If your institution requires you to undergo a review process before you adopt any AI technology, let your CSM know. We would be happy to assist you in demonstrating both the value and the safety of this tool.

What are EverTrue’s other plans for using AI in its software?

Our roadmap contains more AI-derived features that we’re eager to release in the months ahead. In addition to profile summaries, we’re developing filters that create lists based on text-based questions (e.g., “how many people with net worth of at least $5 million are unassigned and living in Denver?”). Other future developments include things like auto-drafted emails (now available on desktop, iOS, and Android!), prescriptive task recommendations, and support with data validation.

Where can I learn more about using AI for fundraising?

Technology is moving at a pace where it can be hard to keep up. To learn more about how AI is revolutionizing fundraising, check out EverTrue’s guide, 10 Ways AI Will Change Advancement. And be sure subscribe to the RAISE Blog for more content to help you level up your advancement shop!

For any other questions, reach out to EverTrue Support at

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