Using EverTrue's AI Profile Summary

Note: This feature is not enabled by default. If your organization is interested in activating this feature for your team, please have an EverTrue Owner reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM). Once enabled, the feature will be accessible to all users on desktop, iOS, and Android apps.

What is EverTrue's AI Profile Summary?

EverTrue's AI Profile Summary feature makes easy work of reviewing constituent profiles. This tool consolidates and synthesizes your organization's extensive constituent data, providing you with easily accessible and up-to-date prospect summaries.

Effortlessly incorporate AI Profile Summaries into your prospecting workflow! Reading these succinct constituent bios ahead of donor meetings will eliminate the need to squeeze in research when time is tight. You won't need to worry about hunting down the most relevant profile information, as this feature will do the work for you! If you are on the road, take a look at our dedicated articles to learn how to access these summaries using the EverTrue iOS or Android app.

Harnessing your data using AI Profile Summaries provides bandwidth to invest in other prospecting initiatives. Let's dive into where you will find this game-changing tool so you can begin reclaiming your time!

Viewing AI Profile Summaries

Navigating to the AI Profile Summary feature couldn't be easier! Start by opening a constituent's profile and selecting their Summary tab. Once here, you will find a What You Need to Know section where a succinct bio for the respective constituent will automatically generate.

The language generated for the profile summary will be stored for a duration of 24 hours. After this period, a refreshed summary will be displayed when accessing the What You Need to Know section.

  • Note: AI Profile Summaries are generated and stored on a per-user basis, meaning you and a teammate will see unique results when viewing the same constituent profile.

When digging into AI Profile Summaries, we encourage you to share any feedback you may have about the feature's usefulness by reaching out to your CSM.

What's Next for AI Profile Summaries? 

As you explore the AI Profile Summary feature, please note the following future updates that are top-of-mind for our product team:

  • The ability to provide feedback about the feature's usefulness in-app. Currently, this can be done in the iOS and Android versions of AI Profile Summaries. For desktop, feedback can be shared directly with your CSM.
  • The creation of additional features leveraged by AI, aimed at enriching your prospecting experience! 

Take a look at our dedicated FAQ to learn more about how AI is being used at EverTrue

For any other questions, reach out to EverTrue Support at

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