EverTrue Product Updates: August 2023

8/18/23: Exporting Career Moves Data as an EverTrue User

Our product team added the ability for EverTrue users to export Career Moves data using the Actions buttons found in the Constituents tab, and in individual lists and saved searches. Take a look at our help article covering steps on how to export this data!

8/9/23: Enhancing the Donor Potential Score

Our product team added two enhancements to the recently released Donor Potential Score (DPS).

  1. DPS data is exportable using the Actions buttons found in your Constituents tab, and in individual lists and saved searches. Our help article covers steps on how to export this data
  2. The Donor Potential Score column found in your Constituents tab table can be sorted by ascending or descending order, making it easy to identify those with the highest and lowest scores.

8/3/23: Introducing EverTrue's AI Profile Summary for iOS

We are excited to announce the release of EverTrue's AI Profile Summary for iOS! This is our first product feature that leverages AI to enhance your prospecting experience. If your team opts in to using this new feature, you will find an AI Summary section appear within constituent Summary tabs.

Summaries will include various elements of constituent data, such as noteworthy giving events and digital engagement callouts. Instead of spending time manually compiling this information before donor meetings, use the AI Summary to get a high-level overview of prospects in seconds!

If you're ready to start using EverTrue's AI Profile Summaries, touch base with your CSM. Questions about how AI is being used at EverTrue? We have an FAQ geared towards answering these! Lastly, take a look at our dedicated help article for more detailed information about this new feature

8/3/23: Adding Career Moves Fields

If your organization uses Career Moves, you will find two new fields included in future export files downloaded from the Export Data tab within Settings.

  1. Client_Constituency 
  2. Client_Grad_Year

Filter your file by alumni who have recently experienced a career move to easily pinpoint constituents deserving of congratulations!

8/3/23: Fixing EverTrue App Bugs

We released an additional bug fix to improve the EverTrue App experience:

  • When accessing your Wealth Enrichment export file from the Export Data tab within Settings, the corresponding file date will only be updated when a new file is available. This fix will apply to future Wealth Enrichment export files.

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at genius@evertrue.com.

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