EverTrue Product Updates: November 2023

11/29/23: Fixing EverTrue iOS App Bugs

We released the following bug fixes to improve the EverTrue iOS app experience:

  • When using Wealth Enrichment filters on the EverTrue iOS app, results will segment as expected.
  • When viewing meetings in your EverTrue iOs app's Activity tab, meeting dates will display as expected.

11/22/23: Updating Gift Transaction Links

Our product team has updated gift transaction links found in the Giving tabs of constituent profiles to enhance their visibility. Clicking on a gift transaction link provides you a detailed view with additional information about the gift.

If you are interested in learning more about navigating gift transactions in EverTrue, take a look at our dedicated help article!

11/22/23: Adding Career Moves Fields

If your organization uses Career Moves, the Career Moves (New Updates) monthly export file now includes a new Changed Columns field. For constituents with an update status in their Changed Status column, this field will indicate which of their Career Moves data areas have been updated since the previous month's file delivery. 

As you navigate your Career Moves export files, be sure to reference our Career Moves Data Dictionary for field definitions and examples! 

11/2/23: Introducing EverTrue's AI-Generated Emails for Desktop

Our AI-Generated Emails are now available on desktop! This feature streamlines the process of creating a first email draft by providing a customizable starting point. If your team opts in to using this AI tool, you will find AI-generated templates when clicking the Contact button in a constituent's profile. 

AI-Generated Emails are already accessible to users who have enabled EverTrue AI Profile Summaries. If you are interested in using these AI-supported features, please contact your CSM. For more detail on how to send AI-Generated Emails from your desktop, check out our dedicated help article!

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at genius@evertrue.com.

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