EverTrue Product Updates: January 2024

1/31/24: Fixing EverTrue iOS App Bugs

We recently released a bug fix to improve the EverTrue iOS app experience:

  • When planning trips and meetings using the iOS app, scheduling tools will fit to your screen as expected. 

1/10/24: Importing Household IDs

As part of our product team's effort to simplify connecting constituents who are members of the same household, you can now import Household IDs directly into the EverTrue platform! We've added an optional Household ID field to the Data Manager Importer, visible when uploading the following two file types:

  1. Comprehensive Constituent Files
  2. Identity Micro Files

If your organization's CRM supports tracking household relationships, you can use this field to ensure constituents of the same household are linked. Once imported, you will be able to create joint interactions for these household members!  

For detailed information about the Household ID field, take a look at the General Info Field Group found in our Constituent File Guide. If you have questions about this new field, please contact your CSM or reach out to EverTrue Support at genius@evertrue.com.

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