EverTrue Product Updates: June 2023

6/22/23: Upgrading Our Career Moves Add-On

We are happy to share exciting enhancements to our Career Moves add-on that are now available to teams who have implemented this feature! With Career Moves, you can:

  • Track career changes for all of your constituents in EverTrue! Previously, changes were only captured for alumni.
  • Dive into career updates that are delivered monthly, giving you the freshest and most accurate data! Previously, updates were shared quarterly. 
  • Segment constituents job changes using Career Move Type, Career Moves Last File Date, and Career Moves Start Date filters! (Currently, this set of filters is applicable to our classic filters and not yet available in Filters beta.)
  • Find additional employment details on a constituent's Enrichment tab! When matching data is available for a constituent, you will see new employer information like company category, revenue range, and size.

Take a look at our dedicated help resources to learn more about Career Moves and its recent updates

6/20/23: Refining the Data Manager Importer Process

Our product team made two updates to the Data Manager Importer.

  1. You will now be able to process Gift Transaction files larger than 5GB. Previously, uploads exceeding this size were unable to process due to system limitations. 
  2. If uploading a Gift Transaction file that contains repeating combinations of Gift ID and Gift Type fields, an error will display on the Pre-Processing page and results log. Previously, an error was flagged on a later import step. This change will help you identify what needs to be adjusted in your file, and will do so early on in the import process. 

6/8/23: Updating Import Type Names in Data Manager

The Relationship Management Assignments and Team Assignments import type names were recently updated to Portfolio Assignments in the Data Manager Importer. This change is visible in both the dropdown of the Importer's upload page and the import template indicator of the mapping page.

If you are an EverTrue Owner, please note the Relationship Management Assignments export file found in the Export Data tab of your Settings page did not change names.

6/8/23: Fixing EverTrue iOS App Bugs

We recently released a bug fix to improve the EverTrue iOS app experience:

  • When writing interactions in the iOS mobile app, you will be able to save your interactions as expected.

6/8/23: Fixing EverTrue App Bugs

We recently released a couple of bug fixes to improve the EverTrue app experience:

  • If you are selecting options from an in-app dropdown, these options will display as expected.
  • When an in-app interaction form is reconfigured to remove custom fields, your form will display only the correct remaining fields.

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at genius@evertrue.com

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