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Note: Cadences is a feature of Signal by EverTrue. If you have questions about Signal, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

What are Signal Cadences?

Signal Cadences are strategically timed constituent outreach plans that take the guesswork out of donor engagement! When a constituent is added to a cadence, they are moved through a series of steps designed to advance the relationship. These steps prompt you to execute specific types of outreach on specific days, ensuring you focus on the right prospects at the right time.  

Cadences are designed with flexibility in mind! Constituents can be added to a cadence regardless of their assignment status, so you’ll have the ability to nurture existing assignments or qualify unassigned constituents.

You will have access to four cadences in Signal:

  1. Book a Meeting
  2. Nurture
  3. Stewardship
  4. Trip Planning 

Below, we will review each of these available cadences. Let’s get started!    

Available Cadences

Book a Meeting Cadence

Imagine your updated portfolio lands on your desk—now what? Enter the Book A Meeting cadence! It's your go-to tool for connecting with fresh faces in your portfolio.The ultimate win? Securing that all-important meeting with a constituent you have yet to connect with or forging a meaningful engagement with your donors. The Book a Meeting cadence is made up of 8 steps that span over 60 days.

  • Note: It takes on average 6.6 touchpoints for that meeting to be booked! 

Nurture Cadence

For donors outside active solicitation but deserving of continuous engagement, our Nurture cadence is the answer. With gentle yet persistent outreach, you'll ensure no donor slips through the cracks, nurturing relationships with finesse. The Nurture cadence is set up with weeks, instead of days, between touchpoints. It is made up of 5 steps that span over 255 days. 

Stewardship Cadence

The Stewardship cadence ensures your donors remain captivated as you lay the groundwork for that significant ask. With strategic touchpoints, you'll keep your organization at the forefront of your donors' minds, priming them for that pivotal moment of giving. This cadence is set up with weeks, instead of days, between touchpoints. It is made up of 5 steps that span over 255 days. 

Trip Planning Cadence

Bid farewell to the days of fuzzy trip planning and endless spreadsheet juggling. Our Trip Planning cadence is your ticket to seamless organization. From identifying prospects in a specific location for easy meeting scheduling, to tracking responses and post-trip gratitude, consider your trip logistics handled! The Trip Planning cadence is made up of 6 steps that span over 50 days.

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at

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