Using AI-Generated Emails on Your iOS App

Note: This feature is only enabled by default if you have already opted into EverTrue AI Profile Summaries. If your organization is interested in activating this feature for your team, please have an EverTrue Owner reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM). Once enabled, the feature will be accessible to all users on desktop, iOS, and Android apps. 

What are EverTrue's AI-Generated Emails?

EverTrue's AI-Generated Emails take the guesswork out of crafting personalized constituent communication. This feature utilizes AI to synthesize your organization's data and generate editable email drafts for each and every prospective donor. 

Let's dive into how you can use this feature to transform the way you connect with your constituent base! 

  • Note: This article is written for EverTrue iOS app users. If you are an Android app user, take a look at our equivalent resource for AI-Generated Emails on Android. This feature is also available on desktop
  • Note: If you have feedback about this feature as you use it, please share this directly with your CSM!

Sending an AI-Generated Email from Your iOS App

Step 1: Select the Email Icon in a Constituent Profile

Finding EverTrue's AI-Generated Emails couldn't be easier! Simply navigate to a constituent's profile and tap the email icon. If the constituent has multiple email address options imported into EverTrue, you will be prompted to select a specific address. 

Step 2: Choose an Email Template

Next, select the email template you would like to use. Along with our Blank template, AI-Generated Emails offers 3 templated responses that correspond to common stewardship touchpoints:

  1. Post-Meeting Follow-up
  2. Request a Meeting
  3. Gift Acknowledgement 

  • Note: Every AI-Generated Email is unique! For instance, if you choose the Gift Acknowledgement template for a communication touchpoint, the language in the corresponding email body will change slightly every time this template is selected.

Step 3: Wait for Your Email to Generate

Once selected, a Generating email... message will appear while the email draft is created. This process can take upwards of 30 seconds. We recommend not closing out of your app or allowing your phone's display to auto-lock during this time. Doing either could result in blank email draft. 

Step 4: Copy Subject Line and Paste into Subject Field

When the email draft is ready for review, an iOS Mail New Message popup will come into view. You will see the constituent's email address auto-populated in the To field, and the AI-generated message within the email's body. A proposed subject line appears at the top of this message. Copy and paste it into the email's Subject field and remove from the body.

  • Note: AI-Generated Emails are sent through your iOS Mail app. If you don't have this set up for iOS, take a look at Apple's help resource to learn how to add an email account to your iPhone's Mail app.
  • Note: If you have multiple email accounts connected to your Mail app, you can click the message's From field to select the specific address from which you'd like your email to be sent.

Step 5: Edit Bracketed Text

You will notice certain text in the email body is bracketed. These brackets indicate body elements in need of editing. Be sure to adjust this text as you see it!

Step 6: Personalize and Send Your Email

We understand the importance of letting your personal voice shine through in prospect communication! With AI-Generated Emails, you are in the driver's seat and can edit these drafts as needed to reflect your writing style. Make any additional changes you'd like to the email and click the arrow icon to send your message! 

  • Note: If you haven't authorized an email account in your iOS Mail app, you can copy and paste the AI-Generated Email into a different app since you won't be able to press the arrow icon. This workaround is also useful if you simply prefer using a different email app for communication!

Step 7: Log Your Email Interaction

If you've enabled notifications for your EverTrue iOS app, you'll receive a push notification about one hour after clicking into an email template that asks if you'd like to fill out an interaction form. To log an interaction for the communication, click the notification to be taken directly to the Add Interaction form. If you don't think the email needs to be logged as an interaction, go ahead and skip this step!

  •  Note: A notification will appear whether or not the email is sent. This is because the actions of editing and sending email drafts occur within the iOS Mail app experience, and the EverTrue app won't have knowledge of whether the email it generated has been sent.

For any other questions, reach out to EverTrue Support at

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