Creating and Viewing Lists (Mobile)

Using a Constituent Profile

Similar to adding constituents to newly created or existing lists on the web, you can add constituents to lists and view existing lists via your mobile device (iOS only). To add a constituent to a list directly from their profile in your iOS app, click the plus sign in the upper-right corner and then Add to List... to create a new list for the constituent or add them to an existing list. 

If creating a new list, you can either type your new list name in the search bar to receive a creation prompt or click Add to new list beneath the search function to receive a naming prompt.

Using the Prospects Tab

To view an existing list in your iOS app, click the Prospects tab from your navigation bar. Here you will find a table of already-created lists made by you or shared with you, organized alphabetically. Please note you cannot currently add new lists under this tab.

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