Exporting Data Manually

If you are an EverTrue Owner and your institution is entering interactions, proposals, or assignments in EverTrue, you can manually export that data at any time. Below, we'll dive into the different report types that are available and how to manually export them! 

Exporting Data Manually

To get started, head to the Settings tab underneath your name found on the top-right side of EverTrue then click on your Export Data tab.

Exporting from Your Downloads Section

Specific data reports can be exported manually from your Downloads section by clicking the Download icon found to the right or each report. Depending on your EverTrue package, reports available in this section include Wealth Enrichment, Career Moves (High Confidence Matches), and Career Moves (All Matches). If you are an EverTrue Owner who implemented Career Moves before December 2023, you will also find historical Career Moves (New All), and Career Moves (New Updates) reports. 

Exporting from Your Scheduled Exports Section

Specific data reports can also be exported manually from your Scheduled Exports section. Depending on your EverTrue package, reports available in this section include Interactions, Volunteer Interactions, Volunteer Assignments, Relationship Management Assignments, and Proposals. The format of the resulting .CSV will be based on your interaction entry form, proposal entry form, or our standard assignment export format.

To manually generate an exported file, click the export button beneath the table's Actions column. A popup for the selected report will appear in which you will use the Time Period dropdown to choose an export date range.  

With your time period selected, click Start Export to begin the download process. Your export will kick off, and a progress bar will appear in the top right corner of your EverTrue app. 

Once the file is finished being created, you'll see Export File Ready message in the top-right corner of your EverTrue app that contains an option to Download. Additionally, your notifications bell icon will light up and you will be sent an email notification alerting you that the export is ready. 

You can also download the file from your Recent Exports page that displays manual export files from the last 90 days. Take a look at our dedicated help article to learn more about your Recent Exports page!

If you would like to automate an export to run every day, check out our article covering how to schedule these exports!  

As you begin exporting data from your Scheduled Exports section, please keep the following details in mind:

  • Only interactions or proposals entered or edited in EverTrue will be included in the export file. 
  • EverTrue Comments are not exportable reports. 
  • RM Assignment exports include both data imported to EverTrue by way of the Portfolio Assignment file and data created in EverTrue such as stage changes.

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at genius@evertrue.com.

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