Exporting Relationship Management Assignments

Whether you simply want a file of all of your prospects and assignments, are doing regular tracking of Frontline activity, or you are automating a roundtrip of your data, you can easily export your Relationship Management Assignment data from EverTrue! 

Exporting Relationship Management Assignments Manually

To get started with manually exporting your Relationship Management Assignment file, open your User Menu dropdown located in the top-right corner of the EverTrue platform and select Settings. Click into your Export Data tab and find the Relationship Management Assignments file under Scheduled Exports. Click on the paper icon found beneath the table's Actions column, and choose a time period for your manual export. 

Editing Your Scheduled Relationship Management Assignment

If you need to make changes to your scheduled Relationship Management Assignments export, open your User Menu dropdown located in the top-right corner of the EverTrue platform and select Settings. Click into your Export Data tab and find the Relationship Management Assignments file under Scheduled Exports. Click on the gear icon found on the right-hand side of the page, and make adjustments to your export schedule as needed. 

Understanding Export Format

Whether you are manually pulling exports or using scheduled exports, your Relationship Management Assignments will be exported as CSV files and will have the same formatting. A sample of what this file will look like can be found here. Please note that your export format may differ from the example based on the settings enabled for your institution. The naming convention for your exports will be as follows: evertrue_export_team_assignments_yyyy-mm-dd.csv (Please note that the date at the end of the file name is in GMT time). 

Once exported, you can look at the last three columns in that export: LastUpdatedBy, CreatedUTC, and CreatedBy, which will show you who created the assignment and when. The RM file is unique in that it contains Last Updated values for both data imported into EverTrue from your DB as well as edited in the platform, thus, any assignment labeled IMPORTER means that it was edited or created by your institution via import.

Defining Common Export Fields

  • TeamEverTrueID: This is the EverTrue internal ID for team. You do not need to retain this ID in your database.
  • ProspectRemoteID: Indicates the Org ID for the prospect (from constituent record)
  • ProspectEverTrueID: The EverTrue internal ID for prospect (from constituent record). You do not need to retain this ID in your database.
  • KeyProspect: Indicates whether or not the assignment is a key prospect (0 for no, 1 for yes)
  • SolicitorRemoteID: This is the Org ID for solicitor (from constituent record).
  • SolicitorEverTrueID: EverTrue internal ID for solicitor (from constituent record). You do not need to retain this ID in your database.
  • SolicitorTitle: The designated title for each Solicitor (often their primary title)
  • SolicitorConstituentName: This is the Solicitor's First + Last Name (from constituent record).
  • SolicitorConstituentMaidenName: Solicitor's Maiden Name (from constituent record)
  • SolicitorConstituentNickName: Indicates the Solicitor's Nick Name (from constituent record)
  • SolicitorConstituentPrimaryEmail: Solicitor's Primary Email (from constituent record)
  • Deleted: Indicates whether or not the assignment has been deleted (0 for no 1 for yes).
  • LastUpdatedUTC: Indicates the last update date of the assignment
  • AssignmentTitle: The title of the solicitor for the prospect (may be different than SolicitorTitle)
  • CreatedUTC: Indicates the creation date of the assignment

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at genius@evertrue.com.

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