Exporting Career Moves Data

If you are an EverTrue Owner who is part of an organization using Career Moves, you will receive fresh, downloadable career change data every month! This data will be available in an export report named Career Moves (New). 

To access the report, open your User Menu dropdown located in the top-right corner of the EverTrue platform and select Settings. 

Next, navigate to your Export Data tab where you will find the Career Move (New) export file beneath Downloads. Click the download button found to the right of the file name to export.

When you have more than one month of career change data available for export, you will see a dropdown appear beneath the Download table's File Date column. This can be used to determine what month of the Career Moves (New) file you would like to download.

If you are an EverTrue Owner who implemented Career Moves before May 2023, you will also find historical Career Moves (Verified Updates), and Career Moves (All Updates) reports available for download.

As you review your latest career changes, take a look at our detailed list of export field and field definitions to assist in understanding the export! If you are an EverTrue User who is interested in downloading Career Moves data, we've got you covered!   

For any other questions reach out to the Genius Team at genius@evertrue.com.

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