Adding Interactions to EverTrue

Importing Interactions

Included with the EverTrue Core platform is the option to import interactions (contact reports, meeting notes, emails, etc). Interactions enhance your EverTrue experience by providing an additional layer of data that is otherwise buried with your database. If you'd like to import interactions, take the following steps:

  1. Contact us here or email and tell us that you would like to begin importing interactions.
  2. Review the Interactions File Guide and add begin drafting your import CSV file. Our team can help you double check your file once you have a draft ready. Note, this is a separate file from your main constituent file. 
  3. After our team has looked at your file and given you the green light, import your first interactions file and review the data in EverTrue.

You may include as many interactions as you need. If you would like to automate the feed of interactions to EverTrue and are currently delivering files via SFTP, you can do the same here. Just make sure to follow our SFTP Naming Conventions. If you are not using SFTP and would like to start, let us know!

Viewing Interactions after Import

To view your imported interactions, click your Interactions tab on the left-hand navigation bar. If desired, you may conduct a filtered search to narrow your list of interactions. 

If conducting a filtered search, select the Interaction Type filter and then check the box next to the interaction options you want included in your filtered search. Click Apply Filters to view your narrowed list.

Imported Interactions may also be viewed within a constituent's profile. To find interactions this way, open the profile you'd like to review and click the Interactions tab. You'll also find a Recent Interactions table in their Summary tab!

For more detailed insights on filtering and viewing interactions, check out our dedicated help article!

Writing Interactions

In addition to importing your interactions, you will be able to write these directly into your EverTrue platform if your organization has this feature enabled! If you don't currently have the ability to write interactions in EverTrue and you'd like more information, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 

The format for writing interactions in EverTrue is set by your institution's EverTrue administrators alongside our implementation team. All interaction types and optional details are customized to your institution.

Using a Constituent Profile

To add an interaction directly to a constituent profile, start by navigating to the profile associated with the interaction. There are a few places to write interactions within a profile:

  • The Actions dropdown menu in the upper-right corner, from which you will select the Add Interaction option.
  • The Add Interaction button found within the Summary tab.
  • The Add Interactions button found within the Interactions tab. 

Click into one of the above options, and add your interaction details to the Add Interaction pop-up box. Once added, the interaction will be displayed on the constituent's profile, under their Interactions tab.

Using the Trips & Meetings Tab

To add an interaction to a trip, head to your Trips & Meetings tab from the navigation bar and open the trip associated with the interaction. Use the Actions dropdown in the upper-right corner and select Add Interaction to pair the addition to a constituent and input all relevant details.

You can also add an interaction directly to a specific meeting (both stand-alone local, virtual, and phone meetings and meetings paired back to trips will have this option).

To do this, click on the name of the meeting from within your Trips & Interactions tab or from within a trip's Meeting Itinerary section and select Add Interaction.

Once added, the interaction will be displayed on the constituent's profile, under their Interactions tab.

Using the Proposal Tab

Adding interactions to a proposal's detail view will help you quickly track a proposal's progress. By entering an interaction directly on a proposal, the Proposal ID is connected to that interaction, allowing you to easily get this information back to your database. 

To add an interaction in this view, open the proposal you would like to impact by finding it in either your navigation bar's Proposals tab or a constituent profile's Proposals tab. Click the plus sign next to the Activity section of your proposal, and add your interaction to the Add Interaction pop-up box. 

Once added, the interaction will be displayed on the constituent's profile, under their Interactions tab.

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at

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