Understanding the Volunteer Experience

The best way to view Volunteer by EverTrue just like one of your volunteers is to be one yourself! Because you have full management access to the Volunteer platform, you can setup a pool specifically for testing and/or add yourself to an existing pool. Below are our recommendations for viewing the volunteer experience. 

  1. Make sure that all internal stakeholders who would like to experience Volunteer, including yourself, have imported records into EverTrue.
  2. Once those records are in place in EverTrue, you can head on over to the Volunteer module.
  3. You have two choices on how to proceed:
    1. Create a new pool and call it "Admin"
    2. Choose an existing pool to work with, any will do. (However, note that adding internal stakeholders to an existing pool with actual volunteers will affect pool level reporting down the line, unless you are accounting for those "extra volunteers" and prospect assignments in a particular way.)
  4. Now it is time to add those internal stakeholders as volunteers to the pool you are using, whether existing or new. To do so, follow the instructions outlined here. Essentially, you'll search for their name or add them all at once using a curated list of IDs or emails. 
  5. Once volunteers have been added, you'll want to add some prospects to the pool and assign them to your internal stakeholder "volunteers" so they can get the full experience of the application.

    If you went the new pool route, you can choose any prospects you like - either dummy records, other internal staff records, or real constituents. If you went the existing pool route, feel free to also choose any prospect you like but remember that any prospect assigned to you in that pool cannot be assigned to a real volunteer. Feel free to reach out to genius@evertrue.com if you get stuck here.
  6. Now that volunteers are in place and prospects have been assigned, you're ready to invite those internal testers to view the platform. Follow the instructions here to send them an invite to the application. They'll be able to follow the same steps a volunteer would to login and see their prospects. Our volunteer-focused help site is a great place to start as they learn how to use the volunteer platform.

Please note, that in order to log into Volunteer, the user will need to have cookie tracking enabled on all devices. This cookie tracking allows the platform to maintain login without timing out. If cookie tracking is not enabled, the user may get a session timeout page when attempting to login. This could create a loop for the user where they are unable to properly authenticate. This loop will continue until cookie tracking is enabled.


Your volunteers will be able to log interactions directly within the Volunteer platform! If they take advantage of this capability, they can see those interactions if they are assigned to the relevant prospect. If the interactions are written in the ET platform, they will not be able to see these within the Volunteers platform. Take a look at our volunteer-facing help article for additional insights!

Suggesting an Update

With our Suggest an Update feature, your Volunteers have the ability to provide you with up-to-date information of constituents, which you can then take and use to update your records in your database.  Check out this help article for more information on the volunteer-facing process! 

Texting Your Prospects (iOS Only)

Your volunteers have the ability to send text messages to their assignments using the Volunteer by EverTrue iOS application. This can be useful to connect fellow classmates and communicate updates on behalf of the institution. You can find out more about messaging prospects in this volunteer-facing help article!


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