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In Volunteer by EverTrue, you may notice that your prospects fall into a category, also known as a Pool, on the left side of the platform. Pools are groupings of volunteers and prospects. Your institution may place you in a single pool or multiple pools based on your responsibilities as a volunteer. For example, you could be in the Class of 2012 pool and/or the Athletics pool. 

All volunteers will be a part of at least one pool. For each, you'll have a unique set of prospects that you are tasked with managing. In the screenshot below, for example, you are assigned to 12 prospects in the Class of 2012 pool and also three in the P-Town pool. You can click on a pool to view a list of those prospects and to access more details on each of them.

Manually Creating Pools

To manually create a pool, go to the Volunteer module in EverTrue, and right away you'll see the option to create your first pool.
If you've previously created a pool, use the Actions drop-down menu to create another.

You'll be asked to enter the following information:

  • Pool Name - Must be a unique name
  • Giving Data Type - Available sets of giving data to display in that pool, only one giving type per pool, option to display "no giving" 
  • Volunteer Stages
  • Volunteer Assignment - Choose whether the pool volunteers should be allowed to self-assign prospects
  • Pool Duration
  • Participation Goal
  • Total Dollar Amount Goal
  • Giving Page URL
  • Resource URL

Adjusting Pool Settings & Goals

To access your Pool settings, use the "Actions" drop-down menu in the upper right corner. 

You can also access these options from the main pool management screen by clicking the three dots on any one of your pools. You'll see that these are the same settings displayed when creating a new Pool. 

Pool Setting Fields

  • Pool Duration Type: impacts Pool-Report "Days Left in Period" but not Participation or Dollars Raised
  • Participation Goal: % goal for prospect giving participation 
  • Total Dollar Amount Goal: desired dollar amount raised by this pool (for the current fiscal year)
  • Giving page URL: unique giving page link for this pool
  • Resource URL: unique resource link for this pool

Remember to hit Save when you're done making adjustments!


Deleting Pools

Looking to delete one or all of your volunteer pools? We have a few options. Please note that deleting a pool cannot be undone! Additionally, all deletions are done manually in the EverTrue platform at this time. This includes the removal of a pool, or a volunteer/prospect from a pool.  

When you delete a pool, you remove the pool itself and all assignments between volunteers and prospects in that pool. This does not "kick out" the volunteers from the platform itself. If pools are deleted and volunteers are removed from their pools, they will still have login access to Volunteer by EverTrue. When they log in, they will see a blank screen since they no longer have assignments. This means that year-to-year, you do not need to re-invite your volunteers.

To delete a single pool, begin in the Volunteer tab. On a pool card, click the three-dot menu to display the Delete Pool option. 

To delete multiple pools at a time, toggle to the table view of pools:

Using our Bulk Actions functionality, select all or multiple pools that you want to delete. 

Before the deletion is made, you will be asked to confirm the pools that you want to delete. We try to prevent accidental deletions by confirming your request.  

Note: Deleting a pool via an import file is not possible at this time.

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