Understanding your Volunteer Pool Report

Volunteer Insights provides pool-level reporting on your pool and volunteer performance. By setting monetary and participation goals, as well as the option to configure a custom timeline, EverTrue can show you how you and your volunteers are tracking towards those goals.

To get started, make sure your pool goals have been set in Pool Settings. (If you do not have goals or have not set them, you can still view your Volunteer Insights. However, your goals will display as 0 and all progress bars will be removed.)

Within a Pool, you'll begin on the Assignment tab. Here you'll see top-level reporting that includes Total Dollars, percent Participation, Volunteer count, Prospect count, and percent Assigned. Click on the Pool-Report tab to open the full set of Insights. 

Pulling Pool-Reports

In the Pool-Report, you'll find a wealth of information to help you gauge the performance and success of your pool and volunteers. How is the pool performing? What actions are your volunteers taking? Are you meeting your goals? 

When logged into EverTrue, click on the Volunteer tab to view pool settings. As a Volunteer Admin, you can access reporting on each of your pools.

To do this, click on a pool and hover over to the Pool Report tab:

Pool reporting analytics

At the top of your pool report, you'll see a bar with statistics like days left in the period of your pool's duration, how many Volunteers are in the pool, how many Prospects are in the pool, and then the percentage of Prospects Assigned to Volunteers:

To look at pool performance statistics, you can select All Pool Performance, Unassigned, or Assigned to get granular with the data.

From there, you'll be able to review:

  • Participation towards your goal
  • The amount of dollars raised next to your goal
  • The activity type between Volunteers and Prospects (phone, email, text, social, note, virtual visit)
  • The percentage of Prospects with logged activity
  • The number of activities logged
  • The percentage of Prospects in each stage

Lastly, scroll down for a table view of this data next to your Volunteer's names. You can click into their profiles for additional details from this table view:



Here you'll see the following top-level information: 

  • Days Left in Period (based on the Pool Duration in Pool Settings)
  • Volunteer count
  • Prospect count
  • Assigned percentage: % of assigned prospects

Pool Performance

Next is the Pool Performance module. Use the drop-down menu in the top-left corner to toggle between "All Pool Performance," "Assigned," and "Unassigned." Here you'll find: 

  • Participation: % of prospects that have given during the current fiscal year, based on the Giving Data Type set in Pool Settings
  • Dollars Raised: the total given by prospects in the pool for the current Fiscal Year* (based on the designated Giving Data Type)
  • Activity Type: % of each type of activity logged (out of total logged activities)
  • Prospects w/ Logged Activity: % of prospects with logged activities (by volunteers)
  • Activity Logged: count of activities logged by volunteers
  • Pool Stages: % of prospects in each stage

*EverTrue's volunteer model assumes that any giving by a prospect is attributed to the volunteer, so if a prospect has given in the designated giving category during the current fiscal year, it would be credited to the volunteer and therefore display in "Dollars Raised" for the pool. 


Within the Pool Report, scroll down to view the last module, Volunteers. It breaks down the report by volunteers within the pool to gauge their level of participation and helps you measure success at a more granular level. 

See all of the following data points for each volunteer: 

  • Assigned: count of assigned prospects
  • Participation: % of assigned prospects who have participated (via giving)
  • Total Dollars: dollars attributed to that Volunteer based on their prospects' current fiscal year giving total
  • Activities Logged: count of activities logged by that volunteer
  • Assignments w/ Activities: % of assigned prospects who have a logged activity by the volunteer

Click on any column header to sort the data by that column in ascending or descending order. 

To drill down into a particular volunteer's report, click the row containing their name (which will be highlighted in yellow). This will open a pop-up with a scoped view of the same data presented in the higher-level tables. 

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