FAQ: Volunteer by EverTrue

Yes. We ask that all login information stay consistent throughout our platforms. If a volunteer already has an account with EverTrue (in any capacity, specifically the Alumni Community), then that same email should be used for their Volunteer invitation and platform access. In the case that the volunteer would like to use a new email or change their login, please contact genius@evertrue.com with their previous email and the new one being requested. Once the email has been changed in our system, the volunteer will be required to use that new email for both Volunteer and the Alumni Community.

All deletions are done manually in the EverTrue platform at this time. This includes the removal of a pool, or a volunteer/prospect from a pool.  

In the Volunteer admin module, each pool will have a menu icon (...) located in the upper right-corner. Click that menu button (...) for the option to delete the pool. Additionally, when in the pool itself, use the Actions dropdown in the upper-right to delete.

Removal of a volunteer can be done manually in EverTrue. In any pool, use the Volunteer list on the left-side to locate the volunteer you’d like to remove. Click the menu button (...) in the upper-right corner to open up a menu, which gives you the option to “Remove from Pool.”

Yes, in order to log into Volunteer, the user will need to have cookie tracking enabled on all devices. This cookie tracking allows the platform to maintain login without timing out. If cookie tracking is not enabled, the user may get a session timeout page when attempting to login. This could create a loop for the user where they are unable to properly authenticate. This loop will continue until cookie tracking is enabled.

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