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Note: Dynamic Lists is a beta feature, and is not turned on by default. Please reach out to your CSM if you are interested in joining the beta testing group for this feature. 

What are Dynamic Lists?

EverTrue's new Dynamic Lists feature offers you saved lists of segmented constituents that are updated daily, helping you find newly added constituents according to the list parameters. If this functionality sounds like what you've come to know as a Saved Search, that's because Dynamic Lists are replacing some aspects of our Saved Search feature! Don't worry, Saved Searches aren't going away entirely-take a look at our help article covering how other components of Saved Searches are changing.

When building Dynamic Lists, we took feedback from users like you to improve upon limitations found in Saved Searches. Dynamic Lists work in tandem with Filters beta to improve segmenting capabilities by supporting filtering on more data fields and reliably notifying you of changes to these filtered searches. As you explore this new feature, you will see enhancements that make identifying the right constituents to reach out to easier than ever. These changes include:

  • The ability to perform filtered searches on your dynamic lists.
  • The ability to modify a dynamic list.
  • Highly customizable alert options that allow you to better-tailor the frequency at which you learn of changes to your dynamic list results. 
  • All filters triggering updates to your dynamic lists.

Below, we will expand upon the new capabilities found within Dynamic Lists and highlight what more is to come for this feature! If you would like to learn how to create a dynamic list, check out our help article outlining this process.

What's New with Dynamic Lists?

Filtering on Dynamic Lists

Dynamic Lists allows you to filter directly on an already-segmented list of constituents rather than needing to perform an entirely new search with additional filters from your Constituents tab. Filtering on a dynamic list is a great way to temporarily pinpoint a more specific set of constituents without permanently disrupting the previously-set filters of a dynamic list.

This ability can be accessed by turning on your Filters Beta toggle, opening the Dynamic Lists tab, and clicking the name of a list you would like to further filter. You will find the filter bar beneath your list's name. 

Take a look at our Using Dynamic Lists help article to see this new filtering option in action!

Modifying Dynamic Lists

If you have ever wanted to make permanent changes to an already-built search, you will now be able to do so with Dynamic Lists! Modifying your dynamic list's filter parameters will automatically refresh your list, calculating the new constituents who fit the updated filters and adjusting accordingly. 

This new feature can be accessed by turning on your Filters Beta toggle, opening your Dynamic Lists tab, and selecting the name of a list you would like modify. Click your Actions button in the top-right corner of the page to find the modification option.

Check out our Using Dynamic Lists help article to learn more about this new modification process! 

Customizing Alert Frequency 

With Dynamic Lists, you will find an increase in email alert customization options for updates to your lists. Though your dynamic lists will update daily to accurately reflect the constituents meeting your set parameters, these alerts offer you more control over the notification frequency for these changes. Additionally, email alerts will provide you with specific insights into the number of, the names of, and the timeframe in which constituents were added to your dynamic lists.

When establishing these alerts, you will have improved control over their frequency, time, and timezone. Alerts can be sent daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or never, and will send at the time of day and timezone of your choosing. 

You can set up your email alerts by turning on your Filters Beta toggle, opening the Dynamic Lists tab, and selecting the name of a list you for which you would like to set alerts. Click your Actions button in the top-right corner of the page to find the Email Alerts option.

Your dynamic list updates will be impacted by all filters set for a list. With Saved Searches, only some filters set for the search impacted alerts. This change ensures your results are as reliable as possible. 

Take a look at our Managing Dynamic List Alerts help article to learn more about how to set up your alerts!

What's Next for Dynamic Lists?

As you explore our new Dynamic Lists feature, keep in mind the elements we are looking to layer on in future updates. 

  • The ability to receive email notifications when a dynamic list is shared with you. For the time being, you will receive a notification to your in-app bell icon and shared dynamic lists will appear in your Dynamic Lists tab, but we are working to include an email notification option to ensure you don't miss when a colleague grants access to a list of theirs!
  • The ability for your dynamic list email alerts to include detailed insights for constituents who are removed from a dynamic list vs only seeing insights for constituents who are added. 

For any other questions, reach out to the Genius Team at If you'd like to share feedback regarding Dynamic Lists, submit your ideas to our feedback form!

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