Granting EverTrue Access to your Facebook Pages

EverTrue can be used to track constituent engagement with posts on your institution's Facebook Pages. In order to implement this feature, an EverTrue user must first have the correct Facebook access type. They will then use this access to authorize EverTrue to collect engagement data.

Below, we will review how to grant Facebook access to one of your EverTrue users, how to authorize EverTrue's access to your institution's Facebook Pages, and how to troubleshoot potential connection issues. Let's dive in so you start tracking constituent Facebook engagement directly in EverTrue!

To start this process, make sure the Pages you would like to track have been connected to EverTrue. You can find a list of connected Facebook Pages by navigating to your Facebook tab. This list is set up during your implementation process, but you can request additional Pages be added by reaching out to EverTrue Support at

When your Facebook Pages have been added to EverTrue, an existing Facebook Admin can use the following instructions to give Facebook access to an EverTrue user on your team. We recommend giving a current user this access.

  • Facebook's Classic Pages Experience: Facebook is in the process of updating its classic Pages experience. If your organization's Pages have not yet updated, use these instructions to grant Admin or Analyst access to an EverTrue user. 
  • Facebook's New Pages Experience: If your organization's Pages have updated to Facebook's new Pages experience, use the instructions found within the Give someone Facebook access or Give someone task access dropdowns. Task access will be applicable to those who manage Pages from separate management tools like Meta Business Suite. If following the task access instructions, be sure to toggle on Insights when choosing which features you want the user to access. For additional information about Facebook Page access and roles, take a look at their dedicated help article.   

Upon granting access, the respective user will receive an email invitation from Facebook. They must accept this access invitation before moving forward with the authorization process.

Once appropriate access has been granted to a user, the process of authorizing EverTrue's access to Facebook data is simple! If you are a user with Facebook access, you will navigate to your Facebook tab, click the Actions button, and select Manage Facebook Accounts

You will be brought to a Manage Facebook Accounts page in which you can click Continue with Facebook to authorize EverTrue's access to the Facebook Pages. 

Clicking this will re-direct you to Facebook's log in screen. Once logged in, you will be prompted to approve of EverTrue to receive your organization's public profile and access the Pages you manage. Please note, this does not let EverTrue post to Facebook for your organization - it only allows us to track post engagement.  

When you see the screen below, click the OK button to finish granting EverTrue access. Keep in mind, we will only be able to access Pages that match up with the Facebook URLs provided either during implementation or to our Support team.

Once you grant these permissions, you will be directed back to EverTrue's Manage Facebook Accounts page. In the Facebook Accounts table, look to the Connected Page Admins and Status columns. Here, you will now see your name and an indication of Connected paired back to the Pages to which you have access. 

If there are Facebook Pages that show as Not Connected, a user with access to those Pages will need to repeat this process.

As you move through the Facebook authorization process, keep in mind these additional insights:

  • All Facebook Pages and posts must be public and unrestricted by age or country to be pulled into EverTrue.
  • Only personal Facebook accounts (not Business Manager accounts) can be used to connect Pages in EverTrue. 
  • If you gain access to another Facebook Page after you connected your Facebook account through EverTrue, we will connect to that Page within one day as long as the respective URL has been submitted to EverTrue for monitoring.
  • EverTrue collects all posts for connected Pages and refreshes them each night.
  • If you need to check your connection settings once you make the initial connection in EverTrue, click Continue with Facebook from your Manage Facebook Accounts page.

If your Facebook Pages were once connected and now appear disconnected, this is likely due to one of the following reasons:

  • The user who maintains access has changed their Facebook password, or they have logged out of all sessions. 
  • The user who maintains access has changed their business integration settings. 
  • The user who maintains access may have disconnected their account in EverTrue within the Manage Facebook Accounts page. 
  • The user who maintains access has disabled their Facebook account. 
  • The user who maintains access has changed their user privacy settings in some way.

To reconnect a disconnected Page, please have a user with access to the impacted Page go through the authorization process once more. After clicking Continue with Facebook from their Manage Facebook Accounts page, they will be redirected to Facebook's log in screen. Once logged in, they can click Edit Previous Settings in the reconnection popup to specify Page access. 

If issues persist, reach out to

For any other questions, reach out to EverTrue Support at

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