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EverTrue's Facebook integration monitors constituent engagements with your institution's public Facebook pages and links those engagements back to a constituent profile in EverTrue.

How do we do this? Any Facebook profile that has engaged with a post from one of your monitored pages will be available for matching. If the Facebook profile has not engaged with a piece of content, we are not able to link their Facebook engagement. Additionally, simply "liking" a monitored page does not count as post engagement. 

Using the constituent's imported first, last, maiden and nickname from your institution's database and the names of engaged Facebook profiles, EverTrue attempts to make an automatic one-to-one match between a constituent record and a monitored Facebook page*. Because automatic Facebook matching is based on unique name matches, we are more conservative on our auto-matching. E.g. If you have more than one John Smith in your database, we will be unable to make an automatic match. Additionally, if there are two engaged Facebook profiles with the same name on a single page, we are likely to hold back on auto-matching to prevent inaccurate results. 

In the case an incorrect Facebook match was made and you're looking to unmatch a constituent from a page, click here

*As of April 2019, Facebook updated their APIs to be page-based. EverTrue now receives page-specific profile IDs from Facebook in order to perform constituent record matches to monitored engagement on Pages we have received permission to track. This means that a constituent will need to be matched to each page individually. 

With this update, we have moved manual matching of Facebook engagements to the Facebook Insights module, instead of on the profile directly. Follow the steps below to begin matching your Facebook engagers with constituent profiles. This new process helps prioritize constituents who have engaged with your content over making manual matches to constituents who may not have engaged at all. 

How to Manually Match a Facebook Engagement

Facebook matches are created based on a constituent's name or nickname. All matches come directly from constituents who have engaged with post content on any of your institution's public Facebook pages being monitored by EverTrue. To match a post engager... 

  1. Go to the Facebook Insights module using the left-side menu.
  2. On any post, click to "View Post Engagers."
  3. Navigate to "Unmatched Engagers" and click "Match to Constituent" under any engager's name and reaction.
  4. This will open up the matching portal. Here you'll see the engager's name and the page you will be making the match to. 
  5. Once you have found the constituent from your database that you'd like to match to this Facebook profile, click "Next." Notice on the next screen tells you the current page you are "Now Matching" the constituent to, as well as any pages that constituent has been previously matched on or not. Hit "Confirm" to proceed with your match!

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at genius@evertrue.com.

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