Facebook FAQ

Can I see a constituent’s Facebook profile or only the posts on our organization’s pages?

Facebook does not provide direct links to Facebook user profiles (as of 2018). If EverTrue was able to make a match to a constituent’s Facebook user or you made a manual match, you will be able to see the Facebook user's interactions with your Facebook posts under the Engagement tab of their profile.

Can I see which one of our synced Facebook pages a constituent has “Liked”?

No, but you can see if they’ve engaged with your organization via any of your Facebook Page posts.

How does boosting a Facebook post help my EverTrue data?

By boosting a Facebook post you are increasing engagement and interactions with that post and ultimately your organization. The more interactions a post has, the more information EverTrue can send back to you. E.g. Constituents who are interested in your upcoming event who have not given to your organization or surfacing a CEO who is really engaging with posts related to your summer program.

For more information on how to boost a Facebook post, click here.

Does EverTrue monitor Facebook ads?

At this time, EverTrue cannot monitor/track Facebook Ads. 

How many Facebook pages can our school sync with EverTrue?

We currently allow up to 10 Facebook pages for monitoring. If you have additional questions about Facebook pages, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

How do I match or un-match a Facebook profile?

For more information on matching and un-matching Facebook, check out these articles: Matching Facebook and Unmatching Facebook

Is there a way to search for constituents that have liked our organization’s Facebook pages the most?

Yes! You can sort your constituents by “Facebook Likes” to gain insight on your top Facebook likers.

You can also filter constituents by Facebook engagement. Under the Engagement filter header, apply any relevant filters to achieve your desired results. E.g. Filter for constituents who have a minimum number of Facebook likes and comments.

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