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Note: In-app Phone is a feature of Signal by EverTrue. If you have questions about Signal, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

What is Signal Phone?

Signal Phone enables you to call constituents directly within the Signal platform with a single click, saving you valuable time! This feature uses technology that allows for phone calls to be made over an internet connection instead of a traditional phone line, making it easy to bypass the steps normally taken to place a call. With Signal Phone, you’ll have control over the phone number used for outreach through an in-app caller ID setting, so your prospects will know they’re being contacted by someone from a familiar organization. 

Below, we will review how to add a custom caller ID in EverTrue and how to make a phone call from a constituent profile. To learn more about using Signal Phone in the Cadences tab, take a look at our article, Running a Cadence.

Adding Custom Caller ID

During EverTrue’s implementation process, your organization will be assigned a single phone number, ensuring that the Signal Phone feature can be used. To make outbound phone calls, you will be required to add a custom caller ID that will appear on constituents’ caller IDs in place of the assigned EverTrue phone number. Let’s look at how to add this! 

Step 1. Navigate to Your Phone Settings

Open your User Menu dropdown in the top-right corner of EverTrue and select Settings. Then, choose the Phone settings tab.

Step 2. Enter Your Phone Number and Click Verify

Type your phone number into the empty text field found to the right of Custom Caller ID Number, and click Verify to begin the verification process.

Step 3. Follow the Phone Verification Process

You will receive a call to the phone number entered into the Custom Caller ID Number field, and an in-app popup will appear where you will find a verification code. When prompted by the call, enter this code into your phone to finish the verification process. 

  • Note: Be sure to enter the code before ending the call and closing out of the verification popup. 

Step 4. Save Your Custom Caller ID

After verifying your phone number, be sure to click Save to finish adding your custom caller ID! This step must be taken to ensure you can make an outbound call using Signal.

Making a Call from a Constituent Profile  

Now that your custom caller ID is established, you can begin your in-app outreach! If your organization is leveraging EverTrue’s AI Profile Summary feature, we recommend reviewing the constituent’s summary (or doing a brief profile review if not using this feature) before jumping on a phone call to quickly and easily prepare for your conversation!  

  • Note: If you receive a callback from a number you don’t recognize when completing your outreach, quickly identify if a constituent reached out by looking up that phone number using EverTrue’s search bar! For best results, enter phone numbers with numeric values only (e.g., 8225555704).

Step 1. Click Phone in a Constituent Profile

Start by opening a constituent profile and clicking the Phone button in the upper-right corner. 

Step 2. Use the Dial Pad to Make a Call

A dial pad will appear in the bottom-right corner of your page. If the constituent’s phone numbers are imported into EverTrue, they will automatically populate in a dropdown at the top of the dial pad. The phone type (e.g., home, work) will also be included here if imported. Select the number you’d like to call from this dropdown, or use the keypad or your keyboard to type in an alternative phone number. When you’re ready, hit Call

  • Note: After completing a call step, we recommend writing an interaction tied to the constituent! 
  • Note: For constituents with a known primary address, you’ll find an indicator of their primary time zone displayed next to their profile header, making it easy to decide when to reach out to your donors. If no primary address is imported for a constituent, this indicator will not appear. 

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at

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