Formatting Gift Files

EverTrue's gift transaction file is a great way for users to be able to see a more robust view of each individual gift on a record's profile. Use this guide in order to properly format your gift file and avoid duplication errors during the import process.

Note: If a gift goes from soft credit to hard credit (or changes gift type at all), then the EverTrue data model will see it as a new gift and it will create a duplicate. To avoid this, check out this article on the different ways to delete unwanted values in EverTrue.

Gift Crediting

Even though the gift file requires a unique gift ID (via our Gift Transactions file guide), our system recognizes the uniqueness of a gift using the combination of the gift ID and the gift type. You are allowed to use the same gift ID twice as long as you have a unique gift type (e.g. hard or soft credit). Beyond that, the gifts will fail if they share the same gift ID + gift type.


  • Gift ID: 123
  • Gift Type: Hard Credit

(Is different from)

  • Gift ID: 123
  • Gift Type: Soft Credit

Multiple Soft Credits

If your gift file contains the same gift ID and gift type of soft credit more than once, we suggest appending numbers to the soft credits (i.e. soft credit 1, soft credit 2, soft credit 3) which would allow you to include all of the ones you need.


  • Gift ID: 123
  • Gift type: Soft Credit 1

(Is different from)

  • Gift ID: 123 
  • Gift Type: Soft Credit 2

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