Structuring Giving Data

EverTrue has a three-tier giving structure that allows for a robust platform experience. A complete giving data load includes all three components. Learn more about the different data types below.

Total (Summarized) Giving

Part of the Constituent File, these fields include lifetime giving, last gift, and largest gift details. We also allow for at least the past five fiscal year rollups, pledge balance, and a recurring gift indicator. Your Implementation Partner, or, can help you import this data. This set of giving data is required.

Categorized (Summarized) Giving

Also part of the Constituent File, these fields look similar to the Total Giving but the data is scoped to a specific fund or designation. You must also include a label for each category.

Adding Categorized Giving

EverTrue supports the inclusion of secondary giving categories in addition to Total Giving. This means that your users will be able to see more specific giving information on a constituent profile in EverTrue. If your institution maintains fiscal year giving totals for the annual fund, athletics, scholarships, and major gifts, read below to learn how to bring these totals into EverTrue.

The filter is located on the Constituent record > Giving tab, and is found on the right side. Click the arrow to open the menu options. 

Enabling Giving Categories

  1. Contact us and let us know that you would like to import categorized giving/additional giving categories.
  2. Review the Constituent File Guide and add the Categorized Giving fields to your import file.
    1. Remember to include the new field: Category name.
    2. We recommend keeping the number of Giving Categories to a minimum for ease of use. If you are looking to implement more than 5 categories, talk to your Customer Success Manager or Implementation Partner. 
    3. If adding this extra data will overload your constituent file, contact EverTrue Support to learn how to separate that information into a new CSV file.
  3. Once we have enabled the feature for you, import your new file and review the data in EverTrue

Transactional Giving

Imported as a separate .csv file (see the Gift Transactions File Guide), gift transaction data may be brought into EverTrue to show individual and related gifts.

Adding Transactional Giving

Transactional Giving is EverTrue's most detailed system for giving data. Imported as a separate data file, gift transactions enhance your platform experience by allowing you to drill into past gifts and filter this information.  

To view the details of the gift transaction, in the Constituent record, select Giving, scroll down to the Gift Transactions panel, and locate the gift. Click the amount of the gift for more details. 

Enabling Transactional Giving

  1. Email and tell us that you would like to begin importing a transactional giving file.
  2. Review the Gift Transactions File Guide and draft a file. 
  3. Once we have enabled the feature for you, import your new file and review the data in EverTrue.
  4. If you are currently importing files via SFTP, make sure to add this file to your nightly load.

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at

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