Understanding Import Types and Deletions

Establishing Import Types

EverTrue offers customers two types of imports, Standard (partial) & Full. 

  • Standard (partial) Imports: This import type allows your organization to send over a subset of records in order to perform incremental updates.
  • Full Imports: This import type requires the entire constituent base to be included in your file.

Both import types are identical in form, allowing you to create new records and update existing records. The exception to their similarities lies in how they process deletions.

Generally, we recommend sending all of your needed data fields in every file using Standard vs Full imports so you can choose the set of constituents you are uploading. If you wish to divide your file into different data field sets, please consult with our Support Team via genius@evertrue.com to ensure you are respecting EverTrue's importer tool field groups.

Deleting Records in EverTrue

As mentioned above, the deletion process is where these two import types differ.

  • Standard Imports: To delete records in EverTrue via a Standard Import, your file must contain our "IsDeleted" boolean field marked with "Y/Yes/1/T/True" (i.e. yes, delete this person). 
  • Full Imports: To delete records in EverTrue via a Full Import, all you have to do is make sure that the records are not in your file.  Since full imports rely on all constituents being present in your file, we will remove any records in EverTrue that are not listed in your file.
    • Please note deletions via a Full Import require approval as a safeguard for your data integrity. After a full import is complete, records will be marked as "pending deletion" and an admin will have to go in and approve those deletions. A deletion report is provided prior to approval, but will not be available after the deletions have processed. If your org would like to bypass this manual approval, we will need to have written consent from an admin. The bypass allows auto-deletions for any number of records under 2,500 or 5% of your data.

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at genius@evertrue.com.

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