Managing Users

Inviting Users Individually 

Inviting new users from your organization to EverTrue is an important step in ensuring your team uses EverTrue to engage donors, alumni, and constituents and increase giving potential!

To invite new users, open your User Menu dropdown located in the top-right corner of the EverTrue platform. Select Settings and navigate to your Manage Team tab. This is where you will be able to:

  • Invite new users.
  • Manage existing users.
  • Manage pending invitations. 

Click the Invite Team Member button in the upper-right corner to be taken to an invitation page where you will fill out user details. Once complete, click Invite Users to email an invitation directly to your team member! 

When inviting new users to the EverTrue platform, please keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Make sure to first check with your Customer Success Manager that you have open seats for new team members!
  • Most team members will have the EverTrue role of User. This grants them login access to the EverTrue platform. If a team member is given the role of Owner, they will also have access to exporting data, adding/removing other users, and making portfolio changes.
  • The Department dropdown values in your invitation form are set by your account's Owners/Admins. To add to or edit the list of of available departments, reach out to EverTrue support. 
  • If your institution has implemented SSO authentication for EverTrue, your invitation flow will be similar but will include an additional data point of UID (Unique Identifier).
  • Only send user invitations to emails associated with your organization. Not only is this the email the user will be registered with, but also where notifications and export files links will be sent from the platform.
  • Each user invite is specific to that individual and neither their invite nor their EverTrue account can be shared. After a user has logged in for the first time and activated their account, they can access the platform by going directly to
  • Users have the option of connecting to EverTrue with LinkedIn after opening their invite. If choosing this option, the LinkedIn credentials the user use do not have to use the email associated with their organization. In this case, any email address for LinkedIn authentication can be used. Once logged in using LinkedIn, EverTrue will associate those credentials with their EverTrue user, which uses the team member's organizational email. 

Inviting Users in Bulk

In the case that you need to add multiple new users to EverTrue, you can easily add them all at one time with our bulk invite option.

From the same Invite Team Members page accessed when inviting an individual user, click the Bulk Invite via CSV button in the upper-right corner to access our bulk invite instructions. Follow these guidelines to complete the process!

When inviting users in bulk, please keep the following considerations in mind:

  • The CSV file's classification field is case-sensitive and only accepts one of the following values. If an incorrect value is provided, the entire bulk invite will fail.
    • Advancement Leadership (VP or above)
    • Advancement Services
    • Alumni Relations / Career Development
    • Annual Fund (including Volunteer Managers)
    • Communications / Social Media
    • Donor Experience Officer
    • Gift Officer (and support staff)
    • Prospect Research / Management / Development
    • Other
  • Existing users must not be included in your bulk invitation. Including users who already have access to EverTrue will cause the bulk invitation to fail outright. 

Deleting Users

To remove a user on EverTrue, an EverTrue owner needs to open their User Menu dropdown, select Settings, and navigate to the Manage Team tab. Once here, they will then need to click the trash can icon next to the name of the user they wish to delete. 

Clicking the trash can will remove that user completely from EverTrue. To remove a user's EverTrue Console access, please contact

Once a user is removed from the platform, their data is also removed. This means saved searches, lists, trips, and any other information stored within their account is deleted. The one exception is with shared lists or saved searches in which there are multiple collaborators; if another individual has access to that former user's list or saved search for collaboration purposes, they will still be able to access it. Notes that are made by a user would fall under interactions, and those comments are preserved as well.

Frontline users: unless your institution decides to stop sending over the data for that former user's portfolio assignments, that data will also no longer be visible or accessible within the platform.

Understanding Your Manage Team Tab

Managing your team in the EverTrue Platform is easier than ever! Aside from inviting new team members from your Manage Team tab, you will find the following capabilities and insights: 

  • Team Member - The name and email address to which their EverTrue invitation was sent.
  • Role - This dropdown showcases whether a team member is an Owner or a User.
  • Authentication - The indication of how long ago a team member joined EverTrue. If they were invited but have not yet been authenticated, you will see how long ago the invite was sent.
  • Sessions - This highly requested feature allows you to see how many times your team members have logged into EverTrue and the date and time of their most recent session. 
  • 2-Step Verification - The indication of whether or not your team members have enabled 2-Step Verification for added account security. Check out this article for more info about 2-Step Verification.
  • Contact Record - The button to link a user to their profile in EverTrue. If you see an ID listed instead of a button, their profile is already linked.  This action should be done especially for solicitors who have profiles in EverTrue.
  • Actions - The options to remove old team members (trash can icon), resend invitations to new users (envelope icon), and edit users (pencil icon). 

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at

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