Connecting a User to a Contact Record

To ensure all Frontline features are functional in EverTrue, Admins/Owners will want to make sure that each user has a linked contact profile record. Please note it may not be necessary for all of your users to be connected in this way. Ask your Implementation Partner or EverTrue Support for more information.

Matching Contacts

Matching users with their corresponding contact record is required to ensure users can see and manage their own portfolios (moves management, add/remove prospects, mark key relationships, etc.).

To check your users' match status, open your User Menu, select Settings, and head to the Manage Team tab where you will see a table of your team members. You will find an indication of match status within the Contact Record column, where there will be a hyperlinked name and ID if there is a matched contact record. If there isn't a matched record, you will see a button that says Link.

Click the Link button beside an unmatched user to prompt the appearance of a  Link User to Contact Record pop-up box and type the user's name in the Select by name search dropdown.

Please note that when matching a user to their constituent record, you will see a Contact ID appear beneath the name. This is the EverTrue ID of the constituent record, rather than your institution's assigned Remote ID. To confirm you are linking the user to the correct record, go to the constituent profile of your user and review the URL bar in your browser. In the URL you will see the EverTrue ID assigned to your solicitor's constituent record, which you can then match back to the Contact ID shown beneath the searched name.

Once confirmed, click Link within the pop-up box to finish the process of connecting your user to a contact record.

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at

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