Use Cases: Filters

Learn about how our customers are using Filters!

Customer's Role: Associate Director of Communications

Using Filters to Segment Data… they can quickly access donor records for folks they are writing about in Marketing and Communications. It’s a great tool for better understanding who is engaging with their social media content.

Customer's Role: Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement

Using interest-based segmenting…they have been able to use EverTrue’s filters to identify alumni who are interested in arts and crafts, in order to create an alumni virtual knitting group. 

EverTrue Tip:

1. Search and save lists of alumni or parents by class .  If volunteers are flagged in your database, you can build and save lists of these people by role. The same goes for trustees, former trustees, or alumni association directors – find them and save them in a list. 

If you want to put together a list of potential reunion volunteers, panelists for an event, young alumni to watch, etc, you can create that list and then share it with your co-workers . They’ll be able to add other people to that list, as well.

2. Use the  “Giving Pattern” filter to find recently lapsed donors. You can then go through the search results one by one or use additional filters (class year, lifetime giving, etc.) to further narrow down the list. 

3. Use the “Lives in a Wealthy Neighborhood?” filter to search for constituents in a neighborhood where the average home value is $1 million or more. This search is a great starting point, and you can add additional filters to narrow your results. Look for alumni and parents who have recently engaged with your school on Facebook. 

Take a look at lesson 4 for a demo on using filters!
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