Use Cases: Map View

Learn about how our customers are using EverTrue's Map Feature!

Customer's Role: Executive Assistant

Using The EverTrue Map Feature… they can discover engaged constituents within a specific chapter region. Then, they can ask if they might be interested in joining or being on the board of a chapter.

Customer's Role: Associate Director of Development

Using the map feature…they use EverTrue for locating prospects and conducting donor outreach. They will create lists based on where people are located, and segment the data that way. When traveling, they would find a mass of people around the area where they were visiting, and they could set up meetings using the trips and meetings feature in the EverTrue mobile app.

Customer's Role: Gift Officer

Using EverTrue’s Mobile App Map Feature… they were able to set up two meetings on the fly, before and after their scheduled lunch meeting in Hollywood. They were able to schedule them within walking distance, and maximize their time with donors.

Customer's Role: Assistant Director, Development (Athletics)

In EverTrue's Mobile App... they use the map feature when planning to attend some of their away sporting events to determine if they have alumni they can meet & speak with in that surrounding area.

EverTrue Tips:

1. You can create a map-based search around college towns (like Boston, for example) and then filter your results to find young alumni. This will help your constituents feel welcome in a new city, and strengthen your alumni network within universities and post-graduate programs.

2. Using the map feature, you can search a map of San Francisco, then zoom in by neighborhood, and use career information from your own database to see how many alumni work in the tech sector. Use this information to choose a location and invitees for a panel discussion and networking event on startups, entrepreneurship, and more.

Take a look at this quick demo of our map feature!
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