Collaborating on Lists

Adding Collaborators

Adding list collaborators is a great way to share the ability to take action on lists, such as adding/removing other collaborators and/or constituents.

To add a collaborator, open your Lists tab from the left-hand navigation bar. From the center panel, under List Name, click the name of the list you'd like to share and then Add Collaborators (This button will be named Manage Collaborators if you've already added at least 1 additional EverTrue user to your list.).

Share Settings pop-up box will open. Type the name of the collaborator(s) you wish to add in the Add Collaborators search bar. Suggestions will appear as you type. Please note only fellow EverTrue users can be added as list collaborators. Select whether you’d like to notify the newly added collaborator via email and add a personal note as desired. Only the people you’re currently adding will see this note. Be sure to click Share once you've finished adding your collaborators!  

Removing Collaborators

If you need to remove a collaborator from one of your lists, start by heading to your Lists tab of the left-hand navigation bar. Open a list, and click Manage Collaborators.

Within the Share Settings pop-up that appears, you'll see a Who has Access? section that shows all who are able to collaborate on the list. To remove a collaborator, click the gray x to the right of the name you wish to revoke access.

If you accidentally removed the wrong collaborator, you'll see an option to Undo your most recent removal briefly appear in the top-right corner of the screen. Click this to reinstate their access to your list!

Understanding List Permissions

EverTrue supports two collaborator types: Owner and Editor. These collaborator types have the following access permissions:

  • Delete Lists - Owner ONLY.
  • Add/Remove Editors - Owner & Editor.
  • Add/Remove Constituents - Owner & Editor.
  • Add/Edit/Delete Notes - Owner & Editor.

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at

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