Facebook Page Views & Unmatched Engagers

Facebook Page View

EverTrue now offers Facebook page-level statistics for your institution to gather insightful data about your content engagers and match rates. 

Whether you want to focus on just one page or multiple at a time, this view lets you see data on  Unmatched Engagers, Matched Engagers, Match RateMatched Engagementsand Page Status. And if you are a user that works with multiple pages or thematic areas, seeing page-level stats can help you prioritize which ones to dig deeper into.


To get there, click on the Facebook module and you'll land on the Pages tab.

Use the right-side dropdown to change the default sorting by Facebook Page Name, Unmatched Constituents, Matched Constituents, and Matched Engagements.

Use the arrows next to the dropdown to adjust the results into ascending or descending order.

Page view also lets you quickly see the page's connection status. If the status is green, you are good to go! If you see a yellow warning sign, this indicates that your page is not connected. To connect your page, follow these instructions to authorize a connection. 

Top Facebook Unmatched Engagers

EverTrue's Facebook Page tab highlights top unmatched Facebook engagers and helps you prioritize matching based on recency and level of engagement. These are people who are highly engaged with your content but have not been matched to a record in your database for tracking. 

To start matching, choose a connected Facebook page to drill into and click on the hyperlinked numerical value under the  Unmatched Engagers column in the table.

This takes you to a new table listing the engager's name, most recent engagement, and the count of reactions and comments for that page. Drill down even further by filtering on date using the date-range selection button. You can also choose to sort the results by different engagement values (Recent Engagements, Reactions, and Comments) in ascending or descending order.

To make a match, click the 'Match' button to the far right of an engager's name. 

The system will auto-suggest a match based on the constituent records in EverTrue.

 If you are confident that the engager is a particular constituent, click to add a checkmark to the right of the constituent's name, then click Next

Click Confirm. And voil√†, a match! (If you are unsure about a match, feel free to do a bit more research before hitting confirm.)

To read more about EverTrue's Facebook Manual Matching process to help you discover hidden prospects, click here.

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at genius@evertrue.com.

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