All About: EverTrue Implementation

Getting Started with Implementation

Once you partner with EverTrue and complete a Kick-Off Call with your Customer Success Manager (CSM) and Implementation Specialist, we will send you everything you need to get started with our implementation process! Your specialist will reach out shortly after your contract has been received to walk you through the entire process. 

While we will review the implementation process in further detail later in this article, take a moment to familiarize yourself with our implementation basics below! 

  • Data Implementation: Start the process with creating and exporting your data into .csv files and then importing these files into EverTrue's data management platform, Console. You'll be able to set up an automated data refresh plan with your Implementation Specialist! 
  • Review: Review your EverTrue data and mapping with your specialist & CSM.
  • Platform Configuration: Create custom forms and processes for your team within EverTrue.
  • Coaching: Partake in CSM-hosted coaching sessions for you and your team on all things EverTrue.

Reviewing the Implementation Process

Below you will find EverTrue's step-by-step data implementation guide! Each implementation is unique to the needs of our customers, so please use this guide as a resource when needed while also noting that these steps may not follow the exact path your organization will take. We suggest connecting with your Implementation Specialist before getting started. They will provide further guidance and support during this process. 

Step-by-Step Implementation Guide

  • File Rough Drafts: Begin a rough draft of all needed data extracts from your database, each containing the necessary fields from our Field Reference Guide.
  • Data Prep Call: Hold a data prep call with your Implementation Specialist to answer any lingering questions and review the data format.
  • Export for Review: Complete your rough draft(s), export them into a .csv file, and send the file to your specialist for review using our Loading Dock. They will then send you feedback on your file(s) in order to get your data in tip-top shape. 
  • Finalized Export and EverTrue Import: Once your data file format is set and you have exported your official .csv(s), head to Console (our data management platform) to import your data. Credentials to and instructions for Console will be provided by your specialist when ready.
  • Mapping: During an import, you will map your data fields to EverTrue's fields before processing your file. To do this, EverTrue will populate your file's field headers in several drop-down menus for easy mapping.
  • Process: After mapping your fields, process the import! If you have any questions or concerns about the processing, feel free to contact either your Implementation Specialist or our Support Team at
  • Review Data: When ready, your specialist will invite you to review the data on the platform. Once you give the green light that everything looks great and any additional platform configuration is complete, you have successfully implemented EverTrue!
  • Implementation Maintenance: Up-to-date data is crucial for EverTrue and the success of your users. We will work together to set a plan to make sure EverTrue is kept up-to-date with your latest donor data. Nightly imports are preferred, but we recommend sending new data to EverTrue at least weekly. If possible for your organization, EverTrue does offer the option to deliver files via SFTP.

For any other questions reach out to the Genius Team at

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