Key Prospects in Portfolios

Managing priority prospects can be challenging for relationship managers like yourself, who need a way to identify and focus on the multiple assignments in your portfolio that are most important to you. Meet Key Prospects, a new tool that is here to help!

Key Prospects

The Key Prospect indicator is a flag that you can toggle on/off for any prospect within the Portfolios tab that is assigned to a solicitor. It is represented by an icon on the prospect card in the solicitor’s portfolio (see below), and on the prospect’s profile when viewing assignment data. (Key Prospect data can also be imported by your institution via the Portfolio Assignment file.)

In order to designate an assignment as a 'Key Prospect', click on the three dots to the right of the constituent's name, and then select ' Mark Key Relationship'.

To remove the assignment as a Key Prospect you will follow the same process, but select ' Unmark Key Relationship'.

You can also filter to show only Key Prospects by clicking on the Filter tab in your portfolio, then toggling 'View only key relationships only'.

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