Portfolio Gift Notifications

Only available for institutions using our new Portfolios functionality, which requires a Portfolio Assignment file. If you have further questions or would like to enable this feature, contact our team.

EverTrue will email and send out a push notification on iOS to a gift officer when a prospect in their portfolio makes a gift! This helps keep the gift officer up-to-date, allows them to move their prospects forward in the pipeline, and prompts them to reach out with a personalized thank you. 


  • Your institution may have set a minimum gift threshold, so you'll only receive notifications for gifts over a certain amount. 
  • Notifications will only be sent when the gift date is past the date of assignment, to ensure the notification is relevant to the gift officer. 
  • Gifts that are over 90 days old will not trigger a notification. 
  • Notifications trigger based on the last gift in the total giving section of a constituent record, not gift transactions or giving categories. 
  • Gift Officers will receive 4 email and/or push messages before receiving a throttling notification letting them know that we will not send any more communications for the next 24 hours and they should check the web portal to view any additional gift notifications. Notifications in the web portal can be found under the bell icon in the upper right corner. This is to prevent any spamming of a user's inbox or phone.

Notification Preferences

Users may always set their iOS application to disable notifications. We do not offer the ability for users to control their notification method at this time. 

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at genius@evertrue.com.

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