Integrating with Hustle

It is now easier than ever to merge the power of Hustle's leading one-to-one messaging platform with EverTrue. Connect your EverTrue account to Hustle to begin seeing those impactful Hustle messages directly in EverTrue as constituent interactions! 

Need-to-Knows about your Hustle Integration

If integrating Hustle and EverTrue, please keep the following insights in mind:

  • An agreement must be signed between your institution and Hustle that allows Hustle data to be sent directly to EverTrue. Before any data can be exchanged, this agreement needs to be in place. Please contact Hustle to begin this process.
  • Please notify EverTrue Support ( prior to enabling your Hustle integration to ensure your EverTrue platform is set up to accept Hustle's data. In the event that the setup has not been completed, we can always do so post-integration.
  • Hustle files will be delivered through EverTrue's Import tool. With that, the Hustle CSV data file will need to be mapped for a successful ingestion. If your Hustle data does not appear in EverTrue within 24 hours of enabling the integration, please contact for further assistance in making sure the file is being transferred, mapped, and ingested properly.
  • If you are not currently using SFTP to deliver data to EverTrue, contact to get your SFTP credentials and enable auto-ingestion for your account.
  • If you are not currently importing Interactions into EverTrue, contact to enable this feature.
  • Once Hustle is enabled, please ensure any subsequent interaction files imported into EverTrue from your institution are only marked as standard files (not full). 
  • Because Hustle data will be ingested through EverTrue's Import tool, you can view a history of delivered files at
  • Your Hustle integration does not sync over constituent data from the Hustle platform, like opt-outs or declines. All constituent information will come to EverTrue through your database of record. EverTrue only receives message/interaction data from Hustle directly. 

Setting up your Hustle Integration

Enabling within Hustle

To enable your Hustle integration, complete the following steps:

  • Contact Hustle ( to have the EverTrue integration enabled for your institution and make sure the required agreement has been signed by both parties.
  • Have your EverTrue SFTP Username and SFTP Password on hand. If you are using a public key for SFTP and do not have an SFTP password, please contact EverTrue Support (
  • In Hustle, go to the organization Settings menu and click on Integrations. You will see a menu of integration choices. 
  • Click on the Add Integration button under the EverTrue logo.

  • Enter your EverTrue SFTP Username and SFTP Password and click the blue Authenticate button. 

  • Hustle will confirm with EverTrue that the username and password are correct and the settings page will report back that the integration was successful. Once confirmed and enabled, you will also see a green checkmark next to the EverTrue logo on the main Integrations page. 

Adding Constituent IDs to Hustle

After enabling your integration, you will need to add constituent IDs to Hustle. To do this, take the following steps:

  • From your database, export your target list of constituents into a CSV file. Make sure to include their database Person ID.
  • In Hustle, navigate to a group. Click on the constituents (Contacts) tab of the group.
  • Click Add Contacts and then Choose a CSV File. Select the CSV file of constituents from your computer.
  • Once selected, you will be prompted to map your CSV fields to Hustle fields. Make sure to map the column that contains the Person ID to the EverTrue Integration [evertrue]: remoteID field.

  • When you finish mapping, click Upload CSV. Hustle will import these constituents to the group. All contacts will have their Person ID (i.e. EverTrue Integration ID) listed below their name. 

  • Once all contacts have a Person ID, Hustle will deliver a CSV file of your message data to EverTrue on a regular basis. 

Exploring your Hustle Integration

By integrating Hustle and EverTrue, Hustle messages will merge with EverTrue constituent data to bring you the best in relationship management.

These messages will appear as interactions within the platform. To easily view them, open your Interactions tab from the left-hand navigation bar and click Filters at the top of the page. Choose Interaction Type from your Filters dropdown, and select Hustle-SMS to narrow down your results.

You can use all of EverTrue's standard features, like filtering and key-word searching, to drill into your Hustle conversations and the constituents engaging with you via messaging. Play around with our Add another filter option to further shape your results! 

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at

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