Graduway Integration Filters

Do you use both Graduway and EverTrue? Now you can pull important Graduway information into your EverTrue instance. With this integration, you gain the ability to filter and segment your constituents by their engagement with your Graduway platform. 


The integration enables two new filters on the EverTrue Browse screen. Please note, this information is not available on constituent profiles at this time. 

  • Registered User? This is a yes/no field that indicates whether someone is a registered user of the Graduway platform.

  • Last Engagement Date? This allows you to identify constituents who have or have not engaged with Graduway content within a certain date range. 

Set Up

  1. Email letting us know that you would like to enable the Graduway integration in EverTrue.
  2. Provide your Graduway platform_id and platform_name in one email. When prompted by the EverTrue team, send the Public_Key in a separate email to keep the two separate and secure. 
  3. The EverTrue team will set up your Graduway connection. Once the credentials have been entered into the EverTrue platform, it will take up to 24 hours before data will be available in the platform. 

Note: Matching Graduway users and EverTrue records is done using the Remote ID field from EverTrue and the Unique ID field in Graduway and the constituent's primary email in both platforms. If neither of these match, then the registered Graduway user data will not appear in EverTrue. 

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at

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