Exporting Volunteer Assignments

Whether you simply want a file of all of your volunteers, prospects, assignments and pools, or you are doing daily or weekly tracking of Volunteer activity, you can easily export all of your Volunteer Assignments from EverTrue! 

How to Export Volunteer Assignments

  • Open your user menu in the upper-right corner, and go to "Settings."
  • Go to the "Export Data" tab, where you'll find the Volunteer Assignments export.

  • From here, you can choose to run a manual export and select your timeframe, or if you have SFTP set up, you schedule a daily export.

Once exported, you can look at the last three columns in that export:  LastUpdatedBy, CreatedUTC, and CreatedBy, which will show you who created the assignment and when. 

Export Types

There are three main types of exports:

  • Scheduled Export - You may schedule a daily/nightly export of any assignment changes that were made that day. These scheduled exports are delivered to you via SFTP in the exports directory. If you don't have SFTP set up, reach out to genius@evertrue.com.
  • Full Export (Manual) - This will show you all active assignments and stages. You can think of it as a file version of everything in your volunteer program at that moment. 
  • Date Ranges & Custom Dates (Manual) - These exports include changes made to assignments within the date range that you selected. Assignment removals are represented in this file in the Deleted column (0=active assignment, 1=removed assignment). By default, the preselected date ranges will not include changes from today. If you'd like to see changes made today, use the custom date range option.

Export Format

Your Volunteer Assignments will be exported as a standard CSV file. We've created a sample file if you'd like to view common field definitions. Please note that your export format may differ based on the settings enabled for your institution.

If you have decided to link constituents together, they will appear in the export as well. See below for the field names when mapping the file:

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