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As a volunteer administrator, it can be helpful to have a full view of your EverTrue Volunteer setup in order to more easily and effectively manage your program. You may want to deep dive into your pools, evaluate volunteer assignment load, and discover more information about a volunteer's platform usage. While most of this data is available directly in EverTrue, we understand you want to share this with colleagues outside of EverTrue or manipulate the data in another tool, like Excel. This is where our Admin Volunteer Report comes into play.*

To pull this report, go to the Volunteer Management module in EverTrue. Go to the Volunteers tab and open the Actions dropdown menu in the upper right corner. Click Export Volunteer Report to generate a .csv report of your current volunteer program. 

This spreadsheet export will include:

  • PoolName - Name of the pool
  • VolunteerRemoteID - Institution's ID for the volunteer (from the constituent record)
  • VolunteerEverTrueID - EverTrue's ID for the volunteer
  • VolunteerRole - Volunteer or Volunteer Lead
  • VolunteerConstituentName - First Name + Last Name (from the constituent record)
  • VolunteerConstituentMaidenName - Maiden Name (from the constituent record)
  • VolunteerConstituentNickName - Nick Name (from the constituent record)
  • VolunteerConstituentPrimaryEmail - Primary email address (from the constituent record)
  • VolunteerUserName - Volunteer user's name
  • VolunteerUserEmail - Volunteer user's email
  • LastSessionCreatedAt - Date of volunteer's last session
  • SessionCount - Total session count
  • AssignmentCount - Count of assignments in the pool

As a note, you may see a volunteer listed in this report multiple times if they are a volunteer in more than one pool.

Please note: this does not replace our Volunteer Assignments export in Settings >> Export Data, which is necessary to keep your system of record in line with EverTrue. 

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