Import Error Glossary

Diagnosing Import Errors 

After importing a file to EverTrue, your Summary Report may contain some error messages. Not all are major issues that require action, but it's important to know how to diagnose them and understand what they mean. 

To diagnose the errors, click on the Review button next to your import file on the Import screen. If your file says Completed with Issues or Import Failed, click on the hyperlink to Send Full Report of Issues and Affected Records to Your Email. Please note if your import is reported as Completed with Issues, this means it was processed and completed but with some hiccups.

Open the report and view the errors once you receive the email, and use the following definitions for troubleshooting. 

Defining Import Errors

After importing a file to EverTrue, your Summary Report may contain some error messages. Review the error definitions below to understand their meaning. 

  • Identity already exists: This error message occurs when a unique identifier (usually an email address) is found elsewhere in the system during an import. The most common cause is an email paired back to two different records in the import file (e.g. the same email address used for two married alumni). This error can also occur when an email is being swapped from one record to another without being removed from the original record first. In both cases, the best solution is to remove the email from one of the records as we will not import an email more than once.
    • A large number of these errors can occur unexpectedly and can indicate a problem with the Person ID being imported into EverTrue. If you believe this to be the case, contact to look into it and we will work with you to find a solution.
  • Conflicting email identities detected: Related to the above identity error, this error occurs most often when an email is shifted within a record, e.g. from Email 1 to Email 2, or when shifted from one record to another. This error often resolves itself or is related to the above Identity already exists error and will be resolved alongside the resolution of that error.
  • Data Stream Invalid: This type of error message almost always results from the failure of an import and can have several causes with the most common being unescaped or unmatched double quotes in your file. If encountered, the quickest solution is to check the newest data added since your last import and look for unmatched quotes. If unmatched quotes are found, either escape them/match them or replace them with another character such as single quotes. If this is not possible or no error seems to exist in the data, contact for further assistance.
    • This error occasionally occurs with files that contain certain special characters and are not UTF-8 encoded. UTF-8 encoding is necessary for our system to recognize characters that contain accents or are otherwise non-standard English characters. Every so often, certain characters outside of the UTF-8 character set will break the import process. The easiest way to resolve this is to open your file in a basic text editor (such as Notepad) and Save As, making sure the encoding is set to UTF-8. More information can be found here.
  • Unrecognized Role: This error arises if you are trying to add a new type of constituent role (e.g. Alumni), and that role does not exist (i.e. has not been created by EverTrue). Please contact to create the role. Once it has been implemented, you can re-import your data. Please note this error should not apply to customers only running EverTrue. 
  • Changing the privatized_source is not allowed for property: <property>, it is owned by: <source>: This error can look daunting because of the slightly cryptic property name, however, the warning itself is simple. If a property has been suppressed in Console, and the IsShared column in your import is flagged Y, then this warning will surface. For privacy and security reasons, only the source that hid a data point can un-hide the data point.
  • Pending Deletions: This is not actually an error message, and only occurs with full imports. Because full imports assume that you want to delete any record not included, we queue up all the deletions for confirmation. This assures that no records are deleted by accident.
  • Unable to acquire lock: This uncommon error arises at random. If encountered, it often resolves itself by the next import. However, if concerned, please contact for further information.
  • Server Error and Request Timed Out: These error messages usually result in the failure of an import and are related to server load. Rarely, when the EverTrue system is under heavy stress, the server will have trouble communicating with other systems and the job will time out. If a job fails and shows these error messages, re-running the import will often do the trick to resolve the issue. If the error message persists after a re-import, contact
  • An unknown error has occurred: This error is often caused by a lag in our importer. If encountered, try re-importing your file to see if the issue naturally resolves itself. If you import another file and the same error occurs, reach out to

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at

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