Accessing EverTrue

Accessing by Web Browsers

EverTrue is supported by a variety of web browsers and versions within each browser. Below you will find our full list of supported browsers as well as versions we recommend! 

Google Chrome 

We recommend that you use Google Chrome as your browser with EverTrue products. We find that our customers have the most success and experience the fewest issues with Chrome. 

  • Recommended: 100
  • Supported: 99, 98
  • Supported but susceptible to minor inconsistencies: 97 and lower


  • Recommended: 99
  • Supported: 98, 97
  • Supported but susceptible to minor inconsistencies: 96 and lower


  • Supported : 15.3
  • Supported but susceptible to minor inconsistencies: 14 and lower
  • Not Supported: 11

Microsoft Edge

  • Supported: 99
  • Supported but susceptible to minor inconsistencies: 98 and lower

Internet Explorer

As of January 21st, 2020 Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser within the EverTrue platform. We recommend downloading Google Chrome if you are looking for an alternative to IE.

Accessing by Mobile App

If accessing EverTrue by mobile app, we recommend using the app's most updated version. Every update to the EverTrue application will have a version number associated with it. You can determine the version number you are running by opening your app's three-bar menu icon and clicking the Settings gear icon. The version number will be listed at the top of the pop-up window. 

If reaching out to EverTrue Support for help, sharing the app version you are running will help us when troubleshooting bugs and gathering feature requests!


EverTrue always supports the current version of iOS and at least one previous version. Currently, we support iOS 12, 13 and 14. We always recommend updating your iOS software for the best user experience (not only for  EverTrue, but also for your iOS experience in general). Older versions of iOS may be susceptible to minor inconsistencies.


Because of the diverse ecosystem of Android manufacturers, carriers, and operating system versions, there will be slight variations in the look, feel, and functionality of an android app versus an iOS app. EverTrue currently supports Android versions 10.0 and above.


EverTrue does not support Windows phones.  We currently only develop for iOS and Android.

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at

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